Monday, October 16, 2006

A Day Late- No $$$ Short- Aces Cracked 10/14/2006

I worked Saturday AM from 7 to noon for definite + EV known as Overtime. I got home and literally had to take an afternoon siesta for two hours before the AcesCracked league game. Long nite of poker and the stress of scrambling to close accounts was just too much.

The Week in Review- First the Bad News

My company announced layoffs of 2% of its workforce. Fortunately that's only about 600 people and a good chunk are managers. Being a worker bee I'm pretty much safe until they Bangelore the Customer Service Jobs. Probably will happen within a few years. In the meantime I still say Id make a good Starbucks barista and I hear Costco and Whole Foods Markets pays really well. Just have to lure them to the Capital Distict. When I go visit my sister I am the Costco Queen and I just love Trader Joes, Wild Oats, Whole Foods and of course Stew Leonards. Its grocery shopping nirvana.

By virtue of living in NY state I am banned from nearly every Prima Poker site and Microgaming Casino. I'm shut off to all Playtechs, OnGame, Boss Media sites as well as Party Poker and Paradise. The President signed the bill on my birthday (bastard) without so much as one mention of the gaming legislation attached to the port security act.

The Good News:

I got a STAR refund for real estate taxes. A nice little windfall of $170+. Since I rarely pay attention to local news and I don't read the Albany Times Useless, except for the occasional Sunday edition it was a surprise. I'm pretty much a USA Today and Wall Street Journal gal, and spend my time watching ESPN, Fox Sports, CNN and the Food Channel with some MTV, HSN and Weather Channel thrown in. At first I thought it was an audit notice or I had made a mistake on my NYS tax return!!! KA CHING

I was smart enough to realize I got $200 in eyecare on my Medical insurance every two years. I had shelled out close to $600 for eyeglasses and contacts this spring. At the time I didn't have that much $$ stashed in my HRA and I used what I had accumulated for some other medical bills I had incurred. Check processed and on its way to IG.

$169+ from BetonUSA cashout. The one Prima site I can still play at for the time being. They charged me a $5 contribution to the Swedish orphans fund (a check fee).

I weigh less then I did before Vegas, not only keeping the weight off but losing more. To boot I am still pretty flexible for an old girl. Silly gal I am, I decided to see if I could do some of the dance moves in London Bridges (Fergie) and Buttons (Pussy Cat Dolls) and I still got it. Yes I can moonwalk. Did I mention I love that Old Navy or Gap commercial with Audrey Hepburn.

I'm in the black for my live league play and this week I will play live twice. (I actually think I could live without dare I say it: on-line poker).

I won the Aces Cracked League game on Saturday night. My first overall win on Pokerstars and in the league (#2 and #3 best previous finishes). WOO HOO!!! I was such a bad girl. I stacked Penn to take a nice early chip lead. Then when trying to felt him and his measly stack of T300+ (he was on my immediate left) he rivered me at least 3 or 4 times. A few other river beats and IM down to less then where I started and ON TILT.... NOT.. I decide to stick it to him one time and push in with A8 against I believe TT.. I hit an 8 no good.. I type in chat: Give me an Ace not an 8 and then the sweet S U C K O U T..... Ace hits.... Yup that wasn't nice. I shocked the shoes off Sham playing 68os and two pairing. I think poor Sham may have thought he was having an LSD flashback with the variety of cards and suits that IG was throwing down and showing down. It got down to me and the Taxidermist(RK) my nemesis from Thursday nite. I was focused and played near flawless heads up. I got my edge and not only hit two pair with AQ but filled up to take down the win.....

IG OWNS>>>> SHIP IT GUYS!!! (I screen printed my win and shot it off to Ray). No one earns the $1 bounty Sham placed on me. BTW Sham I'm worth a whole lot more then that!!! Unfortunately since I will be in Beantown on 10/21/06 no one can claim my head nor hide this week.

I then had a hot date with The Grinder and DAGS watching the WPT Borgata. I was rooting for Dags even though I knew Mizrachi won. Gotta go for my fellow paisano. Since I had taken a two hour cat nap I was wide awake and bushy tailed Saturday night.

Neteller account well over the $2k mark with a couple hundred more on the way in and about $800 in checks still to be received.. Did I see a WPBT gathering scheduled in December for Vegas.....?? Maybe a trip to AC or Foxwoods???

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Thanks for making it out to The Mookie last night...another tough beat for of these days the best hand will hold up for you !