Thursday, October 12, 2006

It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want too :(

I got home tonight to find myself inundated with emails from various Prima sites: Dream, Trident, PokerTime, 7 Sultans, Royal Vegas and Royal Vegas Casino, are all shutting down to either US Players and/or New York Residents. I had $200 of unplayed thru Casino credits that I won that I just had to forfeit on Royal Vegas Casino. Fortunately I got my deposit of $50 out. I just donked off $5.20 to some Scandinavians on PokerTime because I didnt have enough for a minimum withdraw of $20. Fortunately I had never deposited there. It was just money I won in a Shark Army Tour event and then used mostly for the WSOP satellites that Poker Analysis ran there. In fact I hadnt played on the site since February or March. Trident, Dream and RVP are different stories. PA plays Buyin league games on RVP. I hadnt been on Trident in a while but had worked nothing up to something. All told between the three rooms I just had to withdraw almost $800. Although my Neteller account is looking plush. I have a sickening pit in my stomach. I feel that the rug has been pulled out from under me and I almost had me a good cry.

I got over to FTP to play the AcesCracked League game. Eggman9 (Mike) from APL and some mystery man named BigTai were entered along with the AC old guard of Sham and Taxidermist and MarkG and a couple of the Newbies like DaPokerGnome and X8oD. I type in chat that I'M ON TILT. BigTai types me a reply back and Im thinking who the heck are you bud.

Mike types me a cryptic message about me "knowing" BigTai. Well I knew it wasnt Ray or his brother, Rich or Trent from APL cuz I know their screen names so I was left wondering thinking perhaps it was Edawg (Eric E). Turns out it was Lex who is currently tearing up the the APL leaderboard and who modestly said he had just been lucky. Trent even stopped by to say hello getting home too late to play the game. MIA were Penn past his bedtime in jolly old England and Snake (Ray) who I did find on Pokerstars after my my aces got Cracked by Taxi's set of queens. Fitting that my aces get cracked in the Aces cracked league game. Out I went 7th of 8th. BLECK!!

I said a quickie hello to Snake (Ray) on stars watched him nicely double up with Aces and then my Omaha 8 SNG got under way. I had bubbled on Monday night in an Omaha 8 $5.50 SNG and was determined to cash. What a donk fest. People playing Omaha 8 like its no-limit. I lost a chunk before before I realized I should just sit back and wait for people to self implode. Inevitably the creme rises to the top and I found myself with the chip lead going into heads-up. I wound up finishing #2 and really need to work on my Omaha 8 heads-up. Hence, the reason I am playing SNGs. I can get to the Final Table and cash when I play my best Omaha 8 but am better at a full handed table then I am at short handed Omaha 8 play. I need to find some good articles on it.

Tomorrow is my 46th birthday and I decided not to even celebrate it. How dare the President sign a bill outlawing the means to which I can access the "sport" I have come to love. To boot, the 13th and final Series of Unfortunate Events is published tomorrow... The Horror.

So in anti-celebration of my non-46th birthday I shall play 46os and sooted because I will probably get dealt that hand at least 13 times while in the SB and BB tomorrow in my league game.


katitude said...

A big Happy Birthday IG!! May the flop come 466 when you paly your 46o :-)

slb159 said...

Happy belated IG. A's got cracked...uggg. I should keep up with the news on your tourneys...too much going on right now to remember everything. Leave me a comment when the next one will be. I believe you said the stars one is every Sunday, so I'll look for it if I don't hear from you.
Nice Omaha work, btw. I too prefer full ring rather than 6-max in Omaha, unlike my short-handed hold'em preference.

Poker Dreamer said...

Happy belated b-day.

I am at school and finally see the bombardment of emails of all the poker sites I had and now, I wonder if I can even withdraw my money (so far, Poker333 is the only one that has refused and it might appear, things have gotten worse with everyone else... :-(

I'll cry with you,

Joey (aka "student" from PA forum)

surflexus said...

Happy Birthday IG!!!!!