Sunday, October 22, 2006

We'll be back after a brief Intermission

Set II Play List:

Poker Analysis Doyles Room Win 10/17/06

Aces Cracked FTP 10/19/06-Runner Up

APL Live League Play 10/20/06 where I finished 8th and only remember getting my KK cracked by AA and surviving to the final table

Boston Bus Trip with a Bunch of Senior Citizens 10/21/06 - Subtitled: Welcome to your Future IG.

---Im recovering from a Wasp/spider/insect bite of some kind incurred Friday nite. All I remember is Joyce telling me I look like I'm about to fall asleep or pass out. The rest is a blur. I remember telling Bill my heart was racing about 30 minutes after winning a big hand and that was all she wrote. I remember talking to Eric on my way out the door and him telling me I might move up to 4th in points. When I got a few miles down the road I started to get short of breath and then quezy. At first I thought I was having an asthma attack (which I havent had in ages) then an anxiety attack (which I havent had in like 16 years and that was when I quit drinking). When I got home I found it because unbeknownst to me I had been scratching the site. About 5 bites and one that was now the size of quarter on my rib cage where my elbow would rest when my arm hangs down. Yes Im allergic to bees/wasps/yellow jackets. No I dont have an Epi-Pen. I hadnt been stung since the last go round and completely forget to tell my doctor the last time I was there about my August 2005 episode.

I slept nada Friday nite, dragged my ass out of bed to meet my mom for our Boston Trip. She took one look at me and said "You look like hell". Fortunately, I did have some Benedryl and my mom's BFF Judy had some creme since shes allergic too. I slept on the bus after getting lectured and slept some more today after doing a bunch of house stuff.

I'm catching up with JB now on his and the Mrs's Foxwoods trip and deciding what to play tonite if anything. And Im scratching. I dont remember actually getting bitten but the evidence is there. Best I can think of is when I changed tops and bras before heading out to my live game a slow moving Wasp may have been in my clothes or on my jacket. Its the time of the year that they want in from the Soffets of my condo and one could have gotten in from the attic I had built last year. Bailey is my first line of defense as he usually is the one that spots them first because he goes airborne whenever there is a winged insect in the house.

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shamanalix said...

Get well soon! Welcome back! Be careful! And one from column d ... And by the way, who's that movie actress/singer/somebody on your front page? She looks familiar. (And it better not be IGEE-BABEE, 'cuz if it is I'll never speak to you again; won't be able to, get too tongue-tied and panicky around purty girlz...)