Sunday, October 29, 2006

Poker Stars Deep Stack tourney 11/29/06-$10 NLHE

Im giving my first No-Limit Deepstack tourney a go on Pokerstars. T5000 starting chips and 30 minute blinds should easily match my style of play. In fact its pretty dang close to the APL structure (25 minute blinds and 4500 starting chips).

A quick recap of my week with a full APL post to follow.

Sunday nite after sleeping all afternoon and chatting it up with JB about Foxwoods I sit down at a low buyin sng for $1.25. Within 4 hands I am out. My boat gets quaded. I then donk off $8.75 at Omaha hi/lo and am down $10 for the nite. Moral of story dont play ring games when sick. I broke every one of my Omaha Hi Lo rules and then some. And I was unlucky too boot. First losing ring game session on FTP but it was bound to happen.

I called in sick to work on Monday still feeling the effects of my allergic reaction the the bee or spider bites. I did feel well enough after sleeping most of the day to play and final table a 180 person $4.40 buyin SNG on stars early evening. I finished 8th and made about 4x the buyin.

Tuesday I attempted a $10 180 person sng. After giving up about 500 chips in the first two orbits with AK which missed spectacularly and I couldnt bluff the dude off the hand and QQ which I had to lay down to a AA board and a huge reraise. I managed a mediocre mid pack finish.

Wednesday night I played the Mookie and Mookie 2nd chancer to attempt a token for the big game. My defining moment of Mookie I, was being involved in the hand of the century with Hoyazo, Joe Speaker and Squib (who I think is the dude I played on FTP when it was in Beta Mode and I was playing with play money) Hoyazo has it that I limped and so did Squib. However, If you look closely at the screenshots. I was the short-stacked BB and Squib was the SB. I believe Joe raised big only to be called by Hoyazo and then Squib came over the top with me calling Squib and well the rest is history.. AA from the SB and Squib, Me with TT in the BB, Joe with QQ and Hoyazo with KK. Three rags on the flop followed by JJ. Between the four of us we had a brain and a straight. Miraculously the aces held. I largely called out of frustration and hoping that just perhaps I would suckout a set against AK or AQ.

Mookie II saw me get out of the gate fast winning the first hand against Mookie himself, but I broke down shortly thereafter. It was okay, I had brought up Pstars while deciding if I would do a SNG there and had been quietly railing Snake (Ray) in a $10 buy-in while Mookie-ing. That proved to be more entertaining to watch (more on that in my APL blog post). I had donked out of the Mookie just in time to see him put a major TILT on a big stack with one of his trademark hands. I typed in chat nice work with the XX wink wink.(Im a gal who doesnt tell tales and I can keep a secret :) That moved him right up to the top 5 and what hopefully would be a nice cash.

Why I signed up for Mookie II is beyond me lets chalk it up to insomnia from having slept all weekend. I am running a loss on Full Tilt and need to reload this week. Heck even stars I can win/cash/profit on.

Thursday nite I use up an odd 3 3/4 hours of time (which arent odd hours anymore since I wound up using 9 on Monday) head up to Bill and Juddy's house (they play in APL with ZOE their daughter) for a CPA game. I can never make these games because they start so dang early and there is a reason. Its poker for the geriatric set and probably the most loose passive game I have played. I knocked Bill out first. When you put a hurt on your host your Karma is bound to be bad and I am cold decked. I raise big with AJ. I hit top pair and one dude puts me all in with what I figured was a flush draw. Oh yeah, Donkeys always draw is a fact. I double up. But then go card dead. I lay down the IG (good move). I then go home 6th of ten when I get flushed by Jim. I am first girl out of 5. OUCH!!! Only one guy is left-Jim a fellow runner and probably the only other aggressive male player other then Bill. Juddy goes from short stack to win the tourney with Zoe #2 and Jim #3.

Friday I am off work once again. Its only 4 hours cuz thats all I do on Fridays. I catch up with my mom who is heading for Spain on Saturday. Then its up for my APL game....

Saturday I work in the AM 4 1/4 hours of the 5 we are open. The power goes out then on then out then on then out then on and I take that as an omen to go home. I stop at the mall, Bountiful Bread, Barnes and Noble and Starbucks. I get my now new co-favorite drink: Venti Cinnamon Mocha.. YUMMO to channel perky girl Rachel Ray: the Food Channels cooking teacher for those with ADD. She is basically a local for most of my live leaguers and my two cousins who went to Lake George High. I admit to getting her magazine.

On Wednesday, Ray had told me about a tourney in Bennington that he and Rich and their other bro would be going to on Saturday afternoon. There was also one on Sunday in Bennington that I had told him about. Rich had given me directions Friday nite in case I changed my mind but i had two engagements that needed my attention:

The rescheduled Event #3 of the Blogger Poker Tour on is at 4 PM Saturday. I make a good showing finishing in 20th of 101 (the largest field to date). Im in 11th place pre game 3 and from best I can tell should stay about the same or move up. A few ahead of me finished ahead of me in the top ten spots. A few ahead of me donked out really early (at least three that I know of) a few ahead of me hadn't played events I or II. I host event III, and get first place points for hosting plus I get my regular points for placing. Someone points out the little trophy in my avatar as a blogger tour event winner. I'm a marked woman but I garner R E S P E C T.

Aces Cracked event is Saturday nite too. I can drop 4 low scores. Having donked out of two of our league games first, and having missed last weeksg game I dont want to miss another one yet. Plus I have a bounty on my head again. I got a raise from $1 to $3!!! I finish #2 going Heads-up a 4 to 1 dog after CNS1 knocked out the GREBSTER. I cant get anything going and have to settle for a 2nd place finish. But I win enough to cover my buyin for the nite and for the Deep stack!!! YEAH ME!!

6 hours after I enter Deep Stack 9 frontier ( Wil Wheaton I needed you to run interference with that tribble Lee Jones) I am out 158th of 1528 runners for a whopping profit of $1.22. Later on in blogger chat with HighonPoker (Jordan), SLB159 (Steve), Budohorseman (Chris) and Veneno, I mention I probably made the going hourly rate for a rice picker in China. Steve or Chris suggest I grow opium poppies in Turkey instead.

So I play Poker Analysis league game while the bloggers are token whoring for the Big game or WBPTing. And my win rate goes down.... I buyin for $11 only to recoup $9.90. CRIMINY CRICKETS.... I paid for wielding and winning a nice pot with the hammer. Probably because I misplayed the hammer by only limping as Steve mentions. But I called the raise to $80 with it and two paired on the flop. I lost the initial raiser and the other dude bet out. I reraised and showed TILTGIRL that I am. HAMMER TIME I type in chat. I get a couple laughs but Brad (sickcoyote)isnt amused. He is steamed and types "Glad to see my raises get respect from you." Geesh cant a gal have some fun. He then wins a hand on me when I call his bb from the sb on the river and types. "I schooled you IG are you on TILT yet?..." I type back "No I'm made of teflon and besides I'm a bot!!!". this gets a few giggles from the table. And Coyote replies yeah a granola eating one. Brad had the pleasure of sitting on my left at Breakfast in Vegas. I state "You are so cute" (and young enough to be my son) and he mentions he knows. I do outlast SICKCOYOTE BEEP BEEP with an anemic stack finishing 8th with 9 paying.

Out of over 400 hands I played all day I never saw AA or KK once. Every AK missed and every time I played a hand with Ace anything an ace never once hit the board. The only time I won a hand while holding a naked ace was when it was folded to me. QQ actually held against AK for me breaking whatever losing streak I had with AK vs QQ so I cant whine anymore about that.

Time for bed this time change thing has my circadian rhythms in a tail spin and Im rambling. Expect this post to be edited. Names my be changed to protect the innocent...Me!!

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