Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dear Chuck:

Dear Senator Shumer:

I've been a registered Democrat since the day I could first register to vote. I am a member of the DNC. I supported our Party financially in the last election.

I have always believed in the two-party system. I have now lost faith in my party because you have let me down.

A recent back-door move by Bill Frist that attached a bill banning online gambling to a port security measure was hurried thru the Senate on a voice vote the other night. I am sure you are well aware of this issue.

I have watched my company with a major service center in the Capital District send jobs offshore. I can live with that as Ive been able to supplement my income playing poker. Now Congress and the Senate is taking away my ability to earn a livelihood by restricting the means by which I can fund my accounts and play online.

I know this is a Republican sponsered initiative to appease the right wingers and to further Bill Frists 2008 Presidential aspirations, but why did every Democrat in the Senate vote to pass this bill thru?

Did you every consider taking the time to look into legalizing on-line poker and taxing it rather then outlawing it? How about carving out poker? Horse racing and fantasy sports has been spared from this bill. Poker is a game of skill that has been played by Presidents and Kings since it was created.

And please dont send me one of those nice little form letters that I have already received. I think its time to listen to the 70 million Americans that play poker including your own constituents and take a stand. If you do so you will have my support this November.


Lori Christina

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shamanalix aka Bruce Williams said...

Very well-written! Thank you for doing this. I live in a state (Missouri) run by backward ultra-Conservative Republicans (Kit Bond, Jim Talent and the Blunt Gang). One hope here is that Talent loses to Democrat Claire McCaskill in November. Another is that I can move somewhere really free some day. Meanwhile, keep us informed of your fight, and any reply you receive. And how about Sen. Hillary Clinton -- did you write her??? (And happy birthday early IGEE-BABEE!)