Sunday, February 18, 2007

Stuck in a moment that you can't get out of

I feel like I'm stuck inside of Clifton Park with the Vegas blues again. When the death of Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears shaving her head captures my attention more then the good Doctor's writing on the Tao of Poker its bad shit. I cant wait to get to Vegas and finally meet Carmen. She has my love for pop culture, shopping and good steakhouses!!! Maybe we should co-author a Dancing with the Stars blog to amuse us thru the Spring.

Playing $1-$3 buyins is quickly losing its appeal for me. Been doing some small league buy-ins that I used to do frequently. I start off on a strong foot making some great plays and getting VNH's and VVNH's in chat, but then I lose interest and wind up donking off my chips short of the money from impatience. What's worse I am normally known for my patience. ITH has a league game today at 1 PM on stars but it is limit holdem which is not my forte. I did play a very solid 7 card stud hi lo tourney the other nite till one of my PA league mates started annoying the crap out of me with his constant raising and we got into a pissing match and he rivered me. That made him the chip leader but his antics got the best of him the next hand and he went out right after me. I hate when I turn a guaranteed final table and cash appearance into a donkout festivus. Same thing happened in an Omaha Hi tourney. I made some really good plays and was up in the top for most of the tourney only to go out 8th with 5 paying. Again the river got me and impatience.

So today I have some choices... Go up to Lex's for a $50 tourney at 5 PM or go around the corner to some dude's house Ive never been to and where I know no one and play a $25 deep-stack freezeout. A 5 minute drive or a 45 minute drive to South Glens Falls?? Hmm.... sounds like I may just meander around the corner and be anonymous. Ive talked to one of the organizer's on the phone who seems to be a Siena College kid who is the current Albany Poker league leader and whose name is the same as a famous NY Met.

Im gonna challenge myself to work 3 hours of overtime every morning this week (for 15 hours) from 5 AM to 8 AM.. then sign off till I have to be on phones at 9:30 AM to 7PM Monday thru Thursday... Friday is my short day 9:30AM to 1:30 PM. If I can get an extra 5 or so hours of OT in the next couple of weeks I will award myself with the Foxwoods Ladies tourney buy-in on March 25th. If I can keep it up I may just award myself with the WSOP Academy Ladies Camp at Casears Palace on June 8th and 9th. The camp is like $1700 but they are giving away ten seats to the Ladies WSOP tourney on the 10th if you place in the top ten of the camp tourney. Annie Duke is one of the instructors. If anyone has had any experience with any of the Boot camps or Camp Hellmuths etc please let me hear about it.

I skied for over thirty years from the age of 4 till I gave it up in my thirties. You could say for a long time I was more comfortable with two boards on my feet then I was standing on them. I was never an extreme skiier but did do my share of racing and free-styling. I never snowboarded but this video is totally sick. The descent takes your breathe away. Awesome control. The helicopter touching down on that peak is crazy.

And for some strange reason I cant get Coldplay's "Clocks" out of my head. I think that sums up where I am right now:

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CarmenSinCity said...

I love the Dancing with the Stars blog. I always blog about that anyway (of course you know that though)