Thursday, February 22, 2007

What Every Poker Player would like to Say!!

I've played very little online poker this week. In fact I believe I only played the Poker Analysis Freeroll league game which was limit Razz. Only the second time I played Razz and I managed to finish about 14th or 15th of 79 or so. I was once again up in the top ten for most of the tourney only to get blindsided by an interloper who didnt belong in the tourney in the first place. I had to laugh at one hand where I had quad 8's and then another where I had rolled up Kings.. Now when I play 7 Card stud hi or hi lo why cant I get those kind of hands??? Its like getting three of a kind as your Down cards in Omaha---Useless. I have yet to attempt triple draw. But I am hooked on Chinese Poker.

The good news this week was that I was able to transfer the money I had on Doyles Room (about $95 or so) over to Full Tilt where it will be of more use to me. That news was enough for me to consider ending my self imposed online exile. I'll probably venture onto FTP tomorrow nite to get in a little No limit practice before my deep stack live tourney which starts on Saturday at 1 pM and which hopefully will take up the entire weekend (if I make it to day two).

I just finished the Professor, the Banker and the Suicide King what a fascinating read. I whizzed thru it in a couple of nites and couldnt put it down. What I did take away from it was not to think of your chips as money.. They are chips. I think Ive grasped that more when playing live then I every had. When I was making 24000k bets on Sunday I didnt think of it as representing dollars but more as units/power.

I've always played within my bankroll but now feel much more comfortable plunking down a $100 buyin. I remember when I went to Atlantic City with Carol for the WPC gathering in April 2005. I was hesitant to sit down at a ring game and the $150+ or so for the main event was a lot of money for me. It was a treat and something I wasnt going to do every week or month. In Vegas last summer the $200+ I spent for the Ladies Orleans Poker tourney was high for me too but I had just cashed in a SNG the nite before and felt like it was only costing me $120. I had no problems spending $60 or so for the tourneys at the Sahara or Treasure Island.

Now without batting an eye Im thinking of heading to Foxwoods to plunk down $300 for the Ladies tourney there on 3/25/07. My game has gotten to the point where I know I'm capable of the big win. Ive been doing my homework and Im starting to see the payoff.

Working at home is going well and has been like an immediate raise.. I havent filled my gas tank up in two weeks. I dont venture out every day for my USA today saving 75 cents a day.. Since I eat at home Im saving probably $30-50/week on lunch/breakfast/lattes/crap that I used to buy in our cafeteria or ordering out. I've lost about 5 pounds already too. I weigh less now then when I ran the NYC marathon. Of course I was rock solid then and cant say the same for myself now!!! Progress not Perfection..


SirFWALGMan said...

WHAT! YOU DONT HAVE A ROCK SOLID ASS! I am disillusioned!!!!

ASHMC2 said...

Yo, yo, IG. Hows it going. Good posts as always. Hey, why don't you and waffles just get it over with and get a room already. LOL. Just jokin'.

I'm about to start up the blogger weeklies again. My roll is big enough to fork out a few dollars a week. And hell, if I do it right I'll be getting paid to play. Gotta love poker. I know I'll see you there. Oh yea, maybe some forum action as well.

If you don't mind me stealing your idea a little bit - I think posting a poker comic strip on occasion would be cool too. If I'm hatin' let me know. LOL.

Later, Donkass out.

smokkee said...

you go IG!

WSOP Floor Supe said...

Sounds like you in are in the mental zone. Confident with your game and thinking win vs survival.

Good luck with the deep stack....