Wednesday, February 28, 2007

WSOP Satellites Here I come

5PM EST Saturday Full Tilt Poker... Ladies Bracelet Races... $24 + $2 Buyin....

I have two tokens in the hole right now...And my Doyle's Room money hit FTP...


I spent some time googling 2007 WSOP satellites. Info on Pokerstars is up but sketchy right now. Full Tilt's Race for bracelets is hidden under FTOPS??? Absolute Poker has been running pretty cheap sats and has one of the cheapest buyins for a ME package...$109

I'm coming out of online exile tonite (I did play a little Sunday afternoon). I planned on playing event #2 of the WPBT Sunday nite but was crispy fried after my 16+ hours of play Saturday into the wee hours of Sunday morning. Ill be on Absolute Poker for the Poker Analysis monthly bonus game at 9PM EST and hopefully the Mookie at 10 PM EST on Full Tilt.

Thank God the month of February is just about over (11 hours but who is counting). It was probably the most unenjoyable month I've had in a long time and I am a pollyanna by nature. Maybe that is why when things dont go my way it knocks me for a loop.

Thank you Miami Don for your most recent and most awesome post.

Thank you Iggy for returning home to Guinness and Poker where you belong. I just cant get used to my usual reads being at Pokerworks (no disrespect for Linda, I love reading her blog).

Thank you Isaac Haxton for having a great attitude about your $800,000 being held hostage. Put my small potatoes in persepective.

Thank you Shaniac for bearing a striking resemblence to Patrick Dempsey (Dr McDreamy) of Grey's Anatomy (Separated at birth and by a decade or so).. You looked mighty hot being interviewed by Shecky.

Dr Pauly.... Keep rocking and writing in our un-free world... I just picked up the recent Cardplayer and went into a tailspin when I saw someone had titled their column the Tao of Poker. That just isnt right.

Happy Late Chinese New Year everyone. Year of the Fire Pig---I'm a little late but will start my year over on March 1st 2007.


CarmenSinCity said...

Will you be coming out to vegas for the WSOP or for the summer WPBT??? I'd love for us to get together and hangout sometime.

Anonymous said...

"I just picked up the recent Cardplayer and went into a tailspin when I saw someone had titled their column the Tao of Poker. That just isnt right."


Dear Irongirl-- the column is excerpts from my book, "The Tao of Poker"--Pauly named his blog later, after my book title. He's the greatest. You are too. Keep up the good work."
Larry W. Phillips

WSOP Floor Supe said...

Be sure to look me up at the WSOP and say hi....and I'll see (well virtually) this weekend at the blogpod event...

Dremeber said...

Hi IronGirl,

Great blog, also nice how you are able to place everything in perceptive.

Feel free to add your blog to:


katitude said...

Hey IG, can you drop me a line at badkatitude at gmail dot come? I don't have you email or IM.

I am seriously toying with the idea of Foxwoods....

Six Figure Poker said...

Sadly, FTOPS did not treat me well. I bought into about half the events and didn't even cash in one. However, I here Full Tilt Poker will be guaranteeing 100 seats to the WSOP.