Wednesday, February 14, 2007


--A new toy to play with. The Ipod Nano (4G) I won for finishing 4th in the 2nd season of the Blogger tour arrived. Man its small. Another gadget I can waste a lot of time downloading stuff onto from the computer. My good buddy JB (JeffBaldwin) sent me a link to a site that has Grateful Dead shows to download when were chatting on IM the other day so I expect to be hitting that up soon.

Last nite I had a surreal experience playing the WWDN. Wil Wheaton the host of this weekly jamboree of bloggers and other misfits was seated at my table along with my gal Katitude. It was amazing the inane comments coming from the railbirds... "Wil.....were you in Star Trek?" , "Wil I loved you in Stand by me"... " Wil Wheaton you suck".... blah blah blah... Not only must it be distracting for him, it was distracting for us.. All that green chat. Kat mentioned it gets worse for the late nite West Coast fun time tourney. I made a statement to Wil of.. "And I thought the FTP pros had it bad!" and his reply was " IG they have it a lot worse then me, especially Mike Matusow". After a number of inane questions, requests for money, requests to be coached etc. I mentioned that there seemed to be a lot of short bus poker players on the rail. That got a few chuckles from my table. Now Wil is a badass to me for looking into the camera and calling Otis a dumb motherfucker during the Keno crayon eating prop bet. You just dont expect that out of the mouths of clean cut looking guys.

I was card dead most of the tourney. I did double up off Iakaris who was bullying with his big stack when my JJ held against his AK (i think it was). That got me in good shape and in the top ten but I Called another dudes continuation bet on the flop and river when I had a flush and str8 draw and missed. Kat and I had some girl on girl action and a split pot which generated lots of Meows and Cat fights and requests for Jello wrestling... Now that would be a site in Vegas this summer.

As for Vegas I reread some notes from Falstaff and it looks like our next Blaggher gathering will be from the 6th thru the 10th of June or some such thing. That gets me out there in time to use that credit on Southwest. I stayed at Treasure Island last year. This year Im thinking of trying the Luxor or the Aladdin. The Neteller debacle pretty much limits my qualifying online for the Main Event with my roll virtually non-existent now. Unless I get some work during Main Event time podcasting or live-blogging I probably wont make the trek during ME time and it appears my services sweating from the rail wont be needed but thats a story for another day or not.

I just read Doc's Valentine Day post (he's a genius) and Ftrain's. I wanted to laugh I wanted to cry. Pauly has a way with words:

Relationships are bad beat stories waiting to happen. Several girls in my life ended up horrendous bad beats. At the end of our interaction with each other, not only did they suck the life out of me, they also left me completely broke. Of course, they all looked good preflop but somewhere along the line, they backdoored a better hand on you and you're toast. Like that cute girl from college I met standing in line at the bookstore one day sophomore year. Who knew that she was a cutter and would go Liz Wurtzel crazy on me? You bet your ass I was concerned when I found a note attached to my door with steak knife.

So a happy Vday to all my fellow Single and Fabulous Friends.. Im going to take a few nites off from Poker (the mookie is on Hiatus) as Ive been sitting in the same room for work and poker playing and feel a bit like a caged animal. Im going to curl up with the Professor the Banker and the Suicide King. We are the midst of a Blizzard here in upstate NY which is making me antsy and dreaming of dry hot weather.....I want to be going where them chilly winds dont blow.....

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