Sunday, February 11, 2007

Im Hot!!!!!.... On Sharkscope

--Seems like if you cash in 4 SNGS in a row you are ranked as hot... That would be me right now... I had a third last nite on Full Tilt in a $6.50 9 person turbo SNG, after taking my good buddy the Shamster heads-up in our AcesCracked Saturday night league game (only 4 runners so good shorthanded practice). This AM I finished #2 in one so maybe that makes it 5 str8 cashes.

I played like a complete TILTGIRL yesterday in my early games of Muffmoney and the PokerAnalysis buyin League game on pstars.. I did my best whining about pokerstars not liking me ala Hoyazo. I seriously donked it up good playing hyper-aggressively and chasing. But like the good trooper I am I turned it around and played remarkably well last nite. Snake5970's headsup pointers and coaching has paid off in spades. Especially once I get down to two.

Friday nite after mega tilting about Neteller and losing the $80 I netted from the win I had in live play on 2/2/07 I headed up to Karen and Steve's for a $20 buyin at their house. To back track a bit... I have no idea where I put it, how I lost etc.. I just know my recent live winnings I had of $280 less my hair and starbucks should have meant I had $215 left in the envelope.. I only had $135.. My guess is its the $80 from the win over Lex and I am sure he paid me. Perhaps I tipped the hair dresser really well. Anyway, I managed to finish 3rd for a profit of $20 at the McDonald's running my KQsuited into eventual winner Juddy's QQ... Ladies were good to me that nite. They held twice once against Zoe's AJ... Zoe loves that hand. Calls it the Amazon hand... In fact that is what got her to heads-up against Snake5970 for the top tenners tourney when she sucked out a J against AK and AQ on a three-way all-in. I will not share Hoyazo's Jack-Ace theory/strategy with her as I did how to play middle pocket pairs. I dont need to be giving away any more secrets or tips on how to seal leaks in your game.

I started the day with a runner-up finish in a turbo on FTP.. Then moved to Pokerstars for a ITH league game. Im on a quest to either increase my limited bankroll there or bust out spectacularly. I played well. Very well finishing 7th of 41 or so with 5 paying... Another stars suckout.. One of the other two females fired all in with 79 suited on a steal. She had done this on a couple of occasions and I figured she couldnt always have a hand for the number of times she did this on the button. It smelled weak the all-in why not just raise 4-5x the BB.. I called as the short stack with KQ and had her dominated until........ she sucked out a str8 on me and IGH... UGH @#$@S.. She Pm'd me to apologize but there was no need to, thats just poker...I was actually seated at the final table with a local dude from Glenmont so I shared my newly aquired wealth of local tourney happenings. Just ask IG.. like the NY times I'm all the poker news fit to print.

Got a couple of freerolls lined up on Vegas247 to amuse myself with. One is the weekly muffmoney freeroll you get to play for playing the $3 buy-in league held Saturdays and Sundays at 2 PM. I decided not to head to Smallbany for the live game at one of the Local sports bars. Gonna wait till I get my income tax refund.

Two weeks till the Deep-stack $110 buyin out in Amsterdam. Looking forward to it. Depending how that goes I may just head to Foxwoods on 3/25/2007 for the Ladies Tourney.. Its a $300 buy-in but starting chips are $5000 and blind levels are 50 minutes. I'll post some info soon in case some other Ladies would like to join me there. Maybe I can lure Waffles and some of the NYC blogger crew to Foxwoods for a get together.

I'm also trying to decide about Vegas for this summer. Im scheduled for Main Event time but that may be subject to change or I'll be doing two trips. I have a credit on Southwest I have to use up before June 8th. That means I could be out in Vegas for the Ladies WSOP on the 10th of June and the reported Blaggher gathering..... I've also offered the credit up to my buddy Shamanalix to use for his May/June trip in trade for a stake or a trade for my July plane ticket or for funds on a poker room. Its about a $250-$300 credit. Sham has the right of first refusal if I decide not to go in June but the offer may be open to any blogger who wants to do a trade/swap.

Back to the Grinding......

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Im so there for you IG! You go girl!