Friday, March 02, 2007

IG returns to her turbo sngs.

It was with fear and trepidation that I returned to FTP today. Would I still have my January Mojo? Could I still play online poker? Sure, Ive had a few forays on Absolute Poker/Vegas 24/7 for a few Poker Analysis freerolls and MuffMoney freerolls (which I cashed for a few bucks in, even hit the final table). And I had a few attempts at small dollar buyins for PWH and Muffmoney on Saturdays and Sundays, but for the most part I have stayed completely away from Stars and Full Tilt Poker. FTP is my home site now so like a prodigal daughter I returned.

I got short-stacked early on with flops completely missing me. Then I took Lucko21's ATC approach... The button raised so I pushed in the BB with 79os... got a call from 108os and guess what the worse hand won.. That got me doubled up and lo and behold.. KK appears in my hands. I deceptively pushed in with all but my last $120 chips.. the BB calls and of course I hit a set on the flop. What the hey... last $120 in right... dude doubles me up with Ax....Its good to be me.. From shortstack 6 way to chipleader three way!!!.... Of course I lose my lead when my top two pair with AT loses to the short stacks X4... 4 on the flop and a rivered 4 gives him trips..... UGH... Finally he goes out and Im heads up..... Lets just say it wasnt dominating... My hyperaggressive play headsup got me outdrawn and I finished #2... But another almost $10 into my FTP bank account (this was a $6.50 stt turbo and I won $16.20).

Heck a cash is a cash... I guess that means if I'm not hot any longer on sharkscope, I'm at least lukewarm.

Nice job to bloggers Cracknaces and Hoyazo in the first 2007 Horse Bracelet Race. Chad finished runner-up... UGH for him. Hammerman Hoy also had a good run. Head over to their blogs and give them a shout-out. These guys arent just no-limit specialists but are well rounded in all forms of play. I've learned a lot from reading Hoyazo and thanks to him my already well rounded SAT word vocabulary has been enriched with the additions of such gems as Fucktard and Fonkey.

I had the opportunity to play live tonite down in Guilderland. One of the Albany Poker League members was spreading two 12 person sngs at 7 PM and then a 32 person MTT at 9 PM.. I decided to pass and spend this weekend on my online game. Next weekend there are two tourneys about two miles away so I shall venture out and about for them...

Foxwoods Beckons in 3 weeks.... The lovely Katitude is seriously considering joining me in the Ladies tourney there. And it looks like I have successfully lured a few of our blogger malebirds out... I promise... Tilly tops all the way for you boyz.

I love the 90's is on VH-1.. I just love these VH-1 rehashes as I am a true fan of pop culture... I especially enjoy I loved the 80's since I was wasted during most of it and its all new to me!!! It's like being able to live the decade over again. Why anyone would want to live the Reagan years over again is beyond me. Thank God I was on Dead tour for a good part of it.

Cliff Claven (John Ratzenberger) is now in on Dancing with the Stars and Vincent Pastore formally of the Soprano's is out... Guess Big Pussy pussied out... Apparently he didnt realize how much hard work it would be. Didnt he learn anything from watching the pole-dancing Bada-Bing strippers???... Geesh

Thanks to Hoyazo I may be working myself into a token frenzy at 7:45 PM tonite. Since I won the cash earlier today it's a virtual freeroll.

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WSOP Floor Supe said...

Good luck on your return to FT. I was looking forwad to playing in the IPOD event today, guess we will have to wait till next week.