Monday, April 16, 2007

Vegas Baby!!!

Quick Monday update.............My vacation time off approved June 7th thru the 12th. Not sure exactly what day I will fly out from Smallbany and back from Vegas on. If I can get an early AM flight on Friday to arrive by noon on Southwest it will be a Friday arrival. I expect it to be a whirlwind tour since Neteller funds will probably not be accessible yet.

If hell freezes over I may also go back out in July as I have time off then too. What is a gal to do.

My condolences to the Biggestron family on the loss of their kitty. The kitty was one of the casualties of the recent pet food recall. Big has a good post over on his blog. Although I knew Bailey doesnt eat any of the foods on the recall list. I still went over the ingredients of his cat food. He eats a kibble created specially for his breed Royal Canin Maine Coon Kibble. He also eats Fancy Feast Selects because he is spoiled rotten and is finicky about moist food. Sometimes various Friskies canned food and he does love his Friskies Feline Favorites kibble too.

Imagine my dismay when Bailey started drooling on Thursday!! Cats normally dont drool. They drool when sick or have injured the inside of their mouth. I had noticed the floor was wet near where he lay but didnt know what it was. When he jumped up on my work desk to hang out with me while I worked I noticed the drool and his mane/ruff was wet...Trying to look in your cats mouth is a near impossibility. I didnt know if he had licked or eaten something that he shouldnt have or had injured his mouth somehow maybe on a piece of food. Then I remembered cats do drool when relaxed and he had just been sniffing and licking his catnip pillow. He was exhibiting no behavior changes. And he was running around like a banshee, eating and drinking and doing his business as usual. I do have an appointment for him on Friday to be checked out by the vet and for his annual exam. The drooling has stopped. So maybe he was just kitty stoned.

And for those of you who dislike kitties, my cat could probably whoop your dog with one swipe of his paw and claws. Hes a big boy about twenty lbs as large as a miniature poodle. He is very willful when he wants to be and I have on occasion had to show him who is Alpha Cat in the house. He likes to get aggressive when he plays. People always say when they see him..."Boy thats a big cat". He is only average sized for his breed. Papa and Grampy were bigger and I have seen one cattery of Maine Coons that go up to 35-40 lbs. That obviously is not normal.

Lots of blogger hijinks in chat. I expect a blog post to come out of a comment I made to Katitude when were commiserating about Full Tilt. I donked away a bunch of my roll their trying to earn satellites to the blogger big game and then for $24 tokens. I used to win tokens easily now it seems as my MTT play has improved my turbo satellite and sngs has suffered.. Thanks to Miami Don, WillWonka and AlCantHang for railing me thru to my bubbilicious finishes. I then got to torment Smokkee while he stalled and folded into a $75 chip. Even though Miami Don called Smokkee a pussy for his tactics he got to play and I didnt. On Attempt 1, I was in good shape only to have the tables stalling and my crap hands and weak tight play cause me to blind out a few away from a token. Then in attempt two, my aggressive play as we neared the bubble backfired. I tried a reraise steal attempt. I reraised all in with K5 clubs into the bigstack. Yes you heard it k5 clubs. He called for 1/3 his stack which i didnt expect him to do since he had a big stack and didnt need the chips or to take the chance for the dent in his stack. Of course, I didnt put him on the hand he had. I hit the flop hard with two pair and one spade. I was against AJ of spades. Runner Runner spades sent me packing and had Reverend AL and MiamiDon shaking their head. Waffles made a good point to me later, stating IG you were trying to win a token not the tourney. Hmmm. Snake had said the same thing to me back in January. Slow learner I am. I could have afforded to fold that hand as I had more chips then Smokkee who I was seated with when i met my demise. At least I gave it the college try and went out playing hard.

And that is one of the reasons I play this maddening game. Trying to find the perfect balance of when to change gears from maniac to perceived weak/tight while really playing a mixed game of TAG to LAG and back. I was trying to play the opposite of the table and for the most part I was right.. When Smokkee is playing tight I used that as my benchmark to change it up. So I shot my foot off and blew $14. Id rather go out like that on my terms then blinding away.

Poker is like a puzzle that you can never complete because someone is hiding a piece on you. Like the stock market it is a game of imperfect information. You try to make the best decision you can with the information you have, be it a top down or bottom up approach. Their are certain fundamentals like the ranking of hands. What hands to play and when to play them needs to be factored in with your playing style, position, the chip stacks of your competitors etc. They say you play a style that suits your personality. Hence I can go from mellow laid back weak/tight former garbage head to adrenaline junkie uber-aggressive hi strung LAG player all on the turn of a dime. I should be able to pwn this game HA HA. So I flub my entrance, exits and lines sometimes. All is good.


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