Monday, April 30, 2007

Blogger Bracelet Race 4/29/07 - Congrats BRDWEB

I played my heart and soul out. For a few seconds at the final table I was like I dont belong here. But then I remembered I've done the work and I played in earnest for that seat. This year I've final tabled for a seat at the Aussie Millions (4th winning an IPOD), and for the Ultimate Poker Classic,and now this. I've cashed in two of my last three Mookies. Im playing well and improving daily. In the end as one of the shorties, I ran JJ into Brdweb's AA with Gracie along for the ride with either 99 or 44.

Thanks to Al for hosting and coming up with the prize money to award the seat. We cut a deal at the final table. Winner take all to send a blogger to an event. In turn Brdweb is giving us a piece of him. Ill give it another go soon but in a mixed event not a Ladies Bracelet race.

And thanks to Kat and Miami Don for their support (and you didnt bring me bad luck MD!) Snake5970 even made an appearance out of hibernation to keep an eye on my progress. And Mookie, you played one hell of a game too.

We should definitely do more of these next year on a regular basis to put as many of us as we can into seats.

Monster Pots and Good Cardma all

(a quick post while on my lunch)


mookie99 said...

Nice run last night. Looks like we have another shot in a couple of weeks when Al hosts another.

oossuuu754 said...

Nice Run. You played well, keep up the tight play and dont donk you chips off like me and you'll land the big score. Hope to see you at the MATH.

Wwonka said...

Nice Job,