Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Doctor is In and Open for Business.

I was invited to some Affiliate satellite on Bugsys Club thanks to Paul at the Aces Cracked Forum. Never played there but when I was a minnow I played on Poker Pages (the free sister site). In fact, I think the only thing I ever played on Poker Pages was a mixed game tourney or two. Of course everyone and his mother was invited to this tourney. But it was a freeroll and based on the way I played last nite and in my first two outings of the day putting money on the line wasnt a priority.

On the line 5 seats to a guarantee on Easter Sunday. Okay conflict there. Brunch with mom scheduled for the Racino and an afternoon of -EV games. So I tow the line and play some of the most spectacular poker of my life. I go on to finish #2 of 220 and earn my seat.. I got to heads up just a little bit shy of the chip lead, took the lead for a bit and on a hand I was just slightly outchipped on, I pushed AQ into my namesake hand the IG (99) and the IG held.

The really weird thing was everyone as they went out had this in chat: You have earned a seat into the $30+ $3 main event. Sure enough everyone was listed in the main event tourney. So the final table chat was something like.. "Someone is going to lose their job over this cuz this is going to be quite expensive for Bugsy's Club." I just went and checked and everyone including moi is unregistered. Im not worried. It did sayin the invitation that the winners would be manually added and hence they didnt even list the prizes. The poor bubble girl said... "This is going to suck if I bubble and then they remove my name from the list"... YUP.

Besides earning that seat, I earned a seat to a $2500 guarantee on Vegas 24/7 (a skin of Absolute) for this Monday nite by finishing in the top 10 for another league thing. Earlier I finished 1st in my heat with top 5 moving on to the finals of an event on Cake poker. Of course this conflicts with CREEKEND, Max Creeks 35th Anniversary music weekend in Lenox Mass on 4/20/2007- 4/21/07. No money just pride for this finish: 5th for my Suited Quads team on Vegas 24/7 (multi-tabling) for the Super Bowl of Poker. Last week I finished 3rd. There were four PWHer's in the top 5, Me, Howwler, JSpaz and Cudah. Of course they are all DonkeyHunters and not on my team even though we represent the same forum.

I did catch CrackNAces (Chad) finish 3rd or 4th in a Bracelet Race on FTP. I gave him a shout out but know he lost his chat and couldnt answer me back. Ultimate suckout on the river I think his JJ got rivered by A5 catchingthe Ace for two pair or just hitting the ace. That really sucked bro and I should have typed something in chat for you.

Hopefully, this post will be enough to keep one of my loyal readers from winding up on the therapist's couch or at least prolong the visit. And no Shaman I didnt run off to get married or to join the circus. Taking up knitting was looking good there for a bit. I know just the gal to teach me too (Kat).

More shall be revealed in subsequent posts!!

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