Friday, April 13, 2007

So Much to Say.. So Much to Say.. So little time

If you havent noticed or you are not a music lover, I tend to name my posts after songs. That is when I can find an appropo song title to fit the bill. Numerous friends and bloggers have asked why so quiet? It's not that I don't have anything to say. Mon Dieu!!! Most folks who know me know I am rarely at a loss for words. Its just that lately I have been all over the place with my interests. Hence so much to say so much to say so much to say.. to quote DMB, so little time to put it down on the blog.

I am an uber geek. I love to read, do crossword puzzles and logic problems. I also love pop culture and media. I confess I am a junkie of some tabloid blogs and magazines. I spent part of this afternoon at the bookstore today browzing all the books that I would love to read and have so little time to do so. I can't wait till I am retired and can do all that stuff at will.

I've been watching Dancing with the Stars (Joey, Ian and Apollo impress), The Search for the next Pussycat Doll (Go chelsea!!), Ugly Betty (just love that show and her spunk even though she is a fashion dont, but thats the point isnt it?), Grey's Anatomy. I've been trying to plan my container gardens which is bordering on insanity with the wintry weather in the Northeast. How can I rightfully pay by pool dues when its in the 30's and working on my tan seems to be far off. Guess Ill have to work on a spray on one.

BFF Kimberly and I are heading out next weekend for the 35th anniversay shows of MaxCreek or CreekEnd. I figured out that they started out when I was 11. That makes most of the band members in their 50's (I'm not too far behind). A recent picture of lead guitarist, Scott Murawski shows his hair is longer then mine was and longer then Bassist John Rider's. He looks like Father time. Its been ages since Ive gone creekin and im looking forward to it. Im looking forward to hearing some Creek Classics like Big Boat, Fire and Brimstone, Emotional Railroad, Orange Sunshine (Creek originals), as well as come good Grateful Dead and Dylan covers and lets not forget a rendition of Will the Circle be Unbroken.

Unfortunately its a conflict with this:

Billed as America's Largest Earth Day Festival!! I encourage everyone to recycle next week and watch an Inconvenient Truth no matter what your political bent is. I know this sounds cliche but remember to: Love your Mother Earth and Think Globally, Act Locally. I do have twinges of guilt when I admit to driving a non-fuel efficient SUV.

I caught up with my favorite hippie chick barista Tiffany at Starbucks today. When shes not making the perfect peppermint mocha for me, she is off doing what I used to do. She just turned me on to for more music downloads.

All for now, I have some other links and interesting articles I need to post but for now Im going to end by congratulating Dr Pauly (Tao of Poker, Truckin, Tao of Pauly etc) on landing the gig as the feature writer for ESPN's 2007 WSOP coverage. He is living example of finding his muse, and taking a risk to pursue his dreams.

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Dr. Pauly said...

Try this link: Dead at SOme good stuff there too.

Thanks for the congrats!