Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sexiest Male Poker Blogger

My Vote in Veneno's contest goes to Shaniac. I lifted this shot of Shane from the pokerdb and Shane's site. It doesn't fully do him justice since its a little shadowed. But I like it. He's in the helicopter on his way to Monte Carlo for the EPT.

My Reasons for selecting Shane:

1) He's Hot- He hasn't let himself go to Hell in a bucket like a lot of professional poker players do. If the poker blogosphere had a Dr McDreamy, Shane gets my vote.

2) He's From NYC. Let's hear one for the home team.

3) He's well written and well spoken. He interviews well. In other words he can form complete sentences and sound intelligent when doing so.

4) He's one kick-ass poker player. I first heard of Shane during WSOP 2006 and Dr Pauly mentioning Shane's confrontation with fucktard Eric Molina. Ive followed his blog since and always enjoy his TV appearances.

What's interesting is Joe Speaker hasnt hit the list yet. Only one female has hit the list Shirley Rosario aka Poker Babe. I would have expected the men to be tendering: Jennicide or Vanessa Rousso, or Erica Schoenberg or god forbid Brandi Hawbaker (if you count her ramblings on 2+2 as blogging)

Im not sure why but my first runner-up for Sexiest Male Poker Blogger goes to Joe Sebok.

So head over to Veneno's blog and tender your vote.


Veneno said...

Excellent choice!

WSOP Floor Supe said...

We have bloggers on the west coast too ;)

I have to agree with Shirley as the the female blogger. She is even sexier in person than in her pictures.

Although Michelle Lewis at Pokerati is pretty damn hot too.

Then there is Carmen, who has that great cleavage working for her along with those eyes.

Kat who rides, that may give her a leg up actually.

Then you IG with that great smile, but we can hardly see ya......

Ah hell, I can't choose, it may have to come down to the best shoes. Those, I can judge.