Sunday, April 08, 2007

How to make good use of a Satellite token.

I managed to take that token ($33) that I earned yesterday and put it too good use. I finished 5th/125 for a payday of $225 on what was a freeroll for me. Seems like focusing a little bit on deeper MTT's after my Foxwoods experience (larger fields and adjusting to antes) has paid off rather quickly, but then again one of my strongest assets is recognizing my weaknesses. We started with 10000 chips but the blinds do go up fast or so they seem. I pulled one major bluff out of my arse on a rag rainbow board with AJd when I put the dude all in post flop without batting an eyelash. Of course when you have chips you can bully the shorter stacks. And yes of the ten of us who came in to the tourney from the affiliate satellites of which there were two, I lasted the longest. Thanks to Sham for keeping me patient and focussed after he himself went out of the tourney. He made the perfect analogy of the tournament being a triathlon not a sprint. Man when push came to shove I put it into the granny gear and hammered the bubble bump. Oh and notice the dear departed (God rest his gratefully dead soul said as IG pretends she is still Catholic and crosses herself) Jerry Garcia finished right behind me.

Happy Easter and time to eat some Marshmallow bunnies.

Oh and I lost $25 in like 10 minutes in the slot machines at the Saratoga Racino. My mother faired no better so we made an early exit and I got home in time to play. Things work out just fine when you dont sweat them. Brunch prior was scrumptious (Eggs Benedict, Smoked Salmon aka Lox with capers and onions, Prime Rib, Roast Leg of Lamb, Ham, Turkey, Pasta, you get the idea). I started Jonesing for Vegas Buffets.

After a Friday nite of abysmal redonkdangdiculous play I'm feeling really comfortable in my IG skin and with my play in general.


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