Saturday, April 14, 2007

DQB--Dems Quads Beyotchs...... Double IG

Truly a thing of beauty. Whats better then the IG? The Double IG!!

Double the pleasure, Double the fun!!

I was a card rack early on. Since this was the Magnificent Katitude's Friday nite Donkament, I pushed all-in first hand with KK. Or was it AA. Regardless, I out-mookied Mookie who called with his namesake hand T8os. Two hands later I either had AA or KK once again I pushed all in once again. I was hoping someone would take issue with my push monkey play and make the call. Heck a rebuy was only $1. Then the quads hit. I flopped str8s, I bet and hit my flushes during the first hour. Freaky Friday the 13th saw me acquire a nice stack without rebuying. I added on. Mookie rebought a bunch of times donating to the true early luckbox: TripJax. Finally Waffles knocked TripJax out with trip jax.

Mookie on my left went on to amass a nice stack. Waffles was on my right. Me the donkette in the middle. I went card dead the second hour seeing 92os one too many times. I lost a chunk to Waffles playing a hand I had no reason being in but got the chips back. I pulled a Hoy on a noob who said.. You're not all-in you left $1!! Precisely, that is the point of the Hoy. In all the times I have pulled the Hoy, I have never gotten one call on it.

With the bewitching hour approaching meaning IG has to get up early to work and attend a wake and funeral for a co-worker's mom (who I knew), I decided to push all in on Waffles mega-raise. I said, "Lets do it Waffles"!!!! My AQd failed to improve and his 44 held and IG went to bed.

Katitude captured some of the interesting chat. She missed this gem which went something like this

IG: Can I pin the tail on the donkey?

Waffles: Yes, but in my case its in the front.

IG: In that case, that would be wagging the dog.

Thank you Kat for hosting this friday nite donkament festivus for the blogger faithful. I'll be back!!


Chipper said...

Nice quads indeed! It's been a long time since I got quads. In fact the last time I saw quads, I was playing Razz. I had 3 Kings and had to make the buy-in. The rest of the board simply called and I got a free card and was dealt a 4th Kings. Sad how it was Razz, but I just couldn't help laugh at the irony.

katitude said...

Quads - very nice!

It was much fun, ty for coming out *grin.

biggestron said...

Hey there IG -

You need to fix your feed! I can't pick you up in bloglines!

I haven't used blogspot in a while, but I know that they have an option to send rss feeds out.