Sunday, April 29, 2007

Southwest Airlines Credit for a Blogger!!

Okay dudes and dudettes (sounds better then fonks and fonkettes!). I just booked my too flight to Sin City (arriving June 7th around noon) and was able to use up all but $52.20 of the credit I had on Southwest. I couldnt book a round trip because the credit has to be used in full by June 8th 2007. So I'm booking my return separately and that leaves me with $52.20 for some lucky guy or gal to try and take advantage of for a trade.

I'll give you the confirm number and the name the travel was booked under and if they will let you apply my funds to your payment then you in turn can transfer me $52.20 on Full Tilt or Stars or partially buy my way into the blogger tourney on Saturday. Not sure if it will work but its worth the old college try.

First Come First Served.


CarmenSinCity said...

Nice job on booking the flight! I'm looking forward to June!

Schaubs said...

What, no discount? LOL have a great trip!