Thursday, September 07, 2006

Are You Ready For Some Football!!

It's that special time of the year where IG morphs into the Fabulous Sports Babe and takes on a bunch of guys in her weekly football pool. Not that that is much different from IG taking on a bunch of guys on the poker table.

Last year, ( my season II) I was the queen of point suckouts. 4 times I failed to win the weekly pool because I was just over on points and lost to the person way under or just below the weekly winner by a point. I failed to bring home the weekly $130 prize at all last year. This year I am determined to go for the title that I lost with a week 16 choke in season I. At least I won during Season I. My football winnings and birthday money bought me my Maine Coon Cat- Bailey when he was retired off the show circuit.

Here are IG's winning week I picks. Because of the Thursday nite game which is currently underway and the fact that I had to have my picks into Rob in California by 5:30 PM PST I didnt have access to USA Today's football report, nor did I study the line at all. I picked them all shall we say IN THE DARK last night!! BTW, I do not need to pick against the spread.

Thursday game
> Sunday games
> NE
> TB
> AZ
> Monday games
> SD
> POINTS - 36

Now onto Poker, tomorrow nite the APL kicks off. I work till 1:30 PM and then its off to Macy's for a mini-SPA day. I will get pampered, relaxed and a free make-over before I play. Actually the make-over wont be free becuase I will wind up dropping a wad on my mushroom serum and a bunch of other skin care products. I'll then run home pop in my contacts and grab my Starbucks on the way up to Ft Edward. I've got some good info on some of my league mates stored away in my near photographic memory which I will hopefully use to get me off the friggin bubble and into the money.

Saturday I plan on live blogging the Aces Cracked $10 buy-in on Pokerstars and have asked the usual suspects for their profiles. Lets just say the chat is as colorful as the players themselves. Since I can't use my cleavage to my advantage on-line or bat my eyelashes at the guys, I have to resort to other tactics to gain a mental edge on them. The TLB for Season II kicks off Saturday night... all are welcome to join in by joining the forum at I must give Mookie99 credit for the idea of live blogging. He does a great job live blogging the Mookie which has now moved to Full Tilt Poker on Wednesday nites.

As I end tonites post it is the 3rd quarter and the Fins are up over the Steelers 17-14 with 1:30 remaining.... %@!#^* GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. OMG FUMBLE!!!! No Bettis to the rescue....

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