Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Full Circle to Full Tilt

The Mookie has moved to Full Tilt Poker (FTP henceforth) from Pokerstars and I have joined tonites tourney after missing last weeks Charity tourney for Tanner Evans.

Two years ago August, I started on FTP when it was still in Beta mode and I was a play money player. Originally, that was going to be my home site because I had a crush on Phil Gorden (since ended since he went and got himself engaged!!) I still have a gazillion play money chips from my month or two of play money play. I never deposited there because I felt at the time most of the buy-ins were a little to steep for me to justify the outlay. I soon discovered poker forums and Freerolls and built my bankroll up from a few small deposits on a few sites. My learning curve was short and sweet. I'm one of those folks that cashed in the first NLHE MTT they ever played as well as the first Omaha Hi/Lo tourney I ever played. I won my first tourney about 3 months after I started buy-ins and went on a roll from there.

I made my first deposit to Full Tilt poker today from Neteller after closing down a few Prima sites like Purple Lounge that are getting all antsy about the arrests of gambling execs etc. I Feel like I'm coming back to where it originally started for me.

You can find me on FTP Mookie-ing it up with other bloggers and friends of the Mookie from Austin on Wednesday nites at 10PM EST and on Thursday nites at 8 PM EST for the Aces Cracked mid-week $5.50 special ( all listed under the private tab).

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mookie99 said...

I too was on Full Tilt when it was still in Beta.

Thanks for playing last night.