Sunday, September 17, 2006

IG's Football Picks week II

Well I missed the win last week but am in a solid third place two games out of first. Of course its still early in the season. I'm looking good for season to date points in the league going into Monday nite this week. Here were this weeks picks

Sunday games
> NO
> NE
>Monday game

11-3 after the early games. For once Minnesota didnt screw me over.

Didn't play much poker today but I did get myself out of a ticket. There was a safety check on Sitterly Road. I always wear my seat belt but my inspection had lapsed in August and I knew it. I had no outs so I soldiered on. The officer looked in the car saw I was wearing my belt but then he pointed at the windshield. "Ma'am we have a problem do you know your inspection is lapsed. It expired in August". And in my best poker face I bluffed him. 'Oh shit' I mutter feigning ignorance. "Oops, Officer would you like me to pull over". He looked at me and smiled No just go get it taken care of. I thanked him nicely and said "I'll go over to Hoffman's right now". Inspection and oil change done. Poker winnings saved.

I stopped at PetSmart to get Maine Coon Kibble for Bailey and some other kitty treats. Maine Coons are the giants of the cat world. Bailey is a big boy. Hell be three in December but Maine Coons dont fully develop or mature till they are between 3-5. His dad Reed is a very big boy at about 22 lbs. Grandpa Gorham is also a big boy. Mom, Carousel is pretty and dainty. Bailey is long and lean like Mom but has the big ruff (mane), tufted paws, lynx tips on his ears and size of his dad and Grandpa just not the weight yet. The interesting thing about Maine Coons is that they tend to swallow food whole. The Maine Coon kibble is big pellets designed to make them chew it and therefore digest it better. It is also what I throw up in the air for him to catch. It is always much better to Baboo if he has to hunt it down. He has caught it in his paws mid-air. He will bring it back to me, spit it out and want me to throw it again. He is a character but can be a handful. A strong-willed kitty (much like his mommy at times. I've had to put him down a few times to show who is Alpha when he has gotten playfully aggressive we me. Ears go back and he likes to use his claws and grab on to my arm and kick. Normally he is a mush mellon and very laid back and affectionate. Usually at my feet when I play online or in his kitty bed (which is a dog bed).

I also spent some time tending my mums. Because I have a second floor condo I am limited pretty much to container gardening. It was a nice day so I spent some time on the balcony tending to the mums I had bought. I never got a real garden going early spring. The rain on the weekends kept me inside. Then since I was heading to Vegas I figured I'd wait till I got back and plant some containers. Never got to it. But there is nothing more satisfying then digging in the dirt. So I deadheaded my mums. May have to repot them soon.

I played the PA buyin game on Royal Vegas Poker. Lou Krieger was supposed to join us but he was a sit-out. Something must have come up as he usually always shows unless he is traveling or lecturing or off doing poker press. His ghost beat me. On the hand that was the start of my undoing, I hit a non-nut four flush and open ender on the flop. I fired a pot sized bet on the flop, then an overbet on the turn to shake everyone out. I lost two but should have known better as the lone caller, (A friend of mine who wont let go of hands) raised all in with a four flush holding A2 diamonds. I had her covered but it was going to cost me if the flush hit and not the str8. I had outs and was pot committed and called. Wrong move. Out I went in 9th with top 5 paying. Criminey!!!

I then caught up with Mike from my live league on Full Tilt Poker and railed him for a bit in his tourney. Also railed Lee from Poker Analysis in WCOOP #2 he, Tilter and The Student all played and didnt fair very well. I won a little contest that Tilter had on Poker Analysis. It was a nice stake into a WCOOP sat to attempt to qualify for today's event. Kevin overslept (heck hes still in College and entitled too oversleep)so he announced I had won it after it was too late. He sent me the money on Stars to use for another buy-in. I may attempt to satellite into the Omaha Hi Lo. tourney later this month.

Catching up on the 2006 WSOP right now. Ray had mentioned the reads Danny Negreanu made in the episode where he was featured. Sheer genius. I also caught Dr Pauly in the background and caught Eric Lynch's aka Rizen's segment. Will be interesting to see what he post's about the WSOP after the final episode airs. I would have placed my money on Lisandro decking Friedman if that had escalated into a shoving match. Reminded me of the Grizzle vs Hellmuth confrontation a few years back. I also learned how Carlos Mortenson got his name 'The Matador'. I must say, I root for the bulls when they run. Anyone drunk and stupid enough to try to outrun a nasty bull deserves what they get. I remember as a little girl going into the wrong field at my Grandpa's dairy farm with my friend and neighbor, Brenda. King Tut got into the field and charged us. That's where my track and field/cross country career got its start!!!!

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