Monday, September 11, 2006

This and That/That and This

With two games to go I am at 9-5 for my weekly football picks. I have taken Washington and San Diego so hope to improve to 11-5. I also picked Minnesota for the AcesCracked Pick a Loser contest we have going. I was hoping to get off to a better start then a possible 11-5 but Im okay with the picks. My faux pas was changing Baltimore to Tampa Bay. Go with your gut I always say.

Tomorrow nite I have to play a tourney on Hollywood Poker before the coupon expires. I won a ticket into the weekly play a celebrity tourney or the Michael Woods Invitational for having my blog piece titled "Jennifer Tilly wears the coolest T-shirts" winning a best blog entry contest. It was voted on and I won. Ive been getting some nice compliments on my writing ability lately. Perhaps that Chick Lit book is just around the corner.

The week turned around for me yesterday. I'm blaming it on the full moon which is now past. Ray asked me Friday nite if I believed in that stuff. My answer was nope, but it does make for a good excuse as to why you suck. I had received an invitation to beta test Royal Vegas Casino (microgaming) from Royal Vegas and a few gambling sites reminded me of the offer. I was going thru emails and decided what the Hell and what do I have to lose. You were given 200 free credits and spins. I tried out a bunch of different games and was down about 40 bucks. I then switched I think to Lucky 777 and Holy Mother of Pearl Batman IG hits for over $1200 credits. KA CHING KA CHING. It finally dawns on me that I am a winner and to play it safe. I move on to Cosmic Cat and hit a few $10 winners. When I finish the beta test I am at $1050 or so. Take away the $200 to start and I would have won $850. The only condition was to do a deposit on the site so I moved $50 from Neteller there and earned a nice profit of $200 for this test. I just checked out Grubby's blog and he has a whole post on it.

After my $200 cash I found DCI/Carol on MSN to tell her my good fortune. Carol is the queen of Casino whoring. Unfortunately, she couldnt get the beta room to load. I'm all excited and tell her to share the keys to the kingdom when it comes to bonus whoring etc. So now I have to sign up for Casino Rewards frequent player perk thing. I then ran out to pay my Discover bill at Sears and decided to play the Poker Analysis freeroll league game on Fair Poker. Fair requires 40 players to start and we just made it. I take a hit a few hands in but IG turns it around and goes on a nice run to Finish 4th.

I spent the afternoon doing some housework before sitting down to play a few league buy-ins. I final table at a bunch of small dollar buy-ins for various leagues that range from $1-$5.50 with my best finish a second and 4th. I only lost money on one league buy-in I did when the money I won was 53 cents short of the original buy-in. I then thru away another dollar on soon to be closed prima site All-IN poker where I had a whopping $2.14 or so of earnings. This site never took off. It was set up like a multi-level marketing business where you signed up under someones link and then when they were full you were assigned players. The idea was to earn extra money while you play. I never deposited and have till 9/22/06 to blow the last $1 and change. I wound up netting about $50 for the day from poker on a couple of tourneys so I had a nice $250 day. I was disappointed about the headsup. I had a nice lead and was showing early momentum and the I just went card dead and couldnt hit a thing. I even semi slow-played aces, got some action. When I raised on the turn I got no where. I lost a few hands I had to get off of was down to a 3-1 deficit doubled back up and then it all just went south again. We battled for close to 45 minutes I think. I made some really really good raises and bets and moves during the main tourney without a single suckout that reaffirmed my slump was just short term.

I'm off work today. Originally, I was going to go up to the Racino and play some more -EV games. After my on-line casino foray yesterday I figure I'll quit when Im ahead and just read, blog and play a little later on.

I just saw an advertisement on ESPN that said register now for the 2007 World Series of Poker. Christmas is just around the corner and I don't mean 12/25/2006. It will soon be time to make another pilgrimage to the gambling mecca of Las Vegas.

Late Breaking Updates:

Just got the recap from Rob in California that I'm in the running for this weeks Football Pool Woo Hoo. I must win my two games and win the point tiebreaker.

Secondly this from a forum I belong too.

Prima poker is locking accounts from 7 states that have laws set against online gambling. From what I was told if you have deposited or met the requirements on freeroll winnings you have to contact support and the will open your account to withdraw your funds. The first one is Dreampoker you can find a list of all the primapoker sites view this link: Click here
States are: Illinois, Nevada, Indiana, Washington, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Missouri


Fred said...

In honor of Sept. 11th... post fotos of boobs!!

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