Saturday, September 23, 2006

Week in Review

Not an original title but inspiration is currently not moving me too brightly (to quote Robert Hunter). Im in a funk because of a hand I played poorly last nite and it is just eating at me. But before I recap my weekly Live event which I shall blog in another post, lets review IG's week.

I went into Monday nite of my football league capable of winning on points. I was only one of two people who looked brilliant by taking Jacksonville over Pittsburgh. Now mind you I love the Steelers but I just didn't like Big Ben coming back to play in a Jax home game in the Florida heat. Problem was no offense by either team and I lost on points. Two weeks in a row I lose on points. I am sitting in second place one out of first two weeks into the season. Still a long long way to go.

I had a nice 4 day weekend and had Monday off. Monday nite I played the Poker Analysis freeroll league which was on RVP. The top 5 places would win a ticket into the 15k freeroll they have. Kind of nostalgic about the league since I was league champion last September. I won the title last year on my one year poker anniversary. My two year poker playing anniversary is September 26th. Anyway, I had some of the donkiest of PA donks at my table. Now one player is very good at LAG. He is capable of laying down hands and that makes him dangerous. I was able to get the better of him on a hand or two and he stayed largely out of my way. I had built up a stack and was up into 2nd place. I get into it with one of the donks who is just a maniac. Carol says he has no clue Im more blunt and say douchebag. He will not laydown a hand to a female.. You can guess what happens he flushes me with a crap hand he hand no business being in and I am now out about $4000 chips and not happy. I then run my KK into another donkey who gets lucky on me again and Im out.

Tuesday nite was a mixed bag for poker. I finish in the points but no cash in PA's $5 buyin league at Pot Limit Omaha. Never got anything really going. AP showing me no love and I missed when I attempted a draw to my str8 flush which was stupid but I was short stack and trying to make something happen (top 5 pays) . I cash in TPCO Omaha Hi Lo covering my buyin and then some and finish 2nd in a tourney for Lady Freerollerz at No Limit. I had taken alot of the chips away from the gal who beat me heads up several times. She was tight weak. She never raised me once when she was SB to my BB. I went into heads up the chip leader largely with her chips. She wound up getting chips from the other gals when she either woke up with a hand and no one got aggressive with her or she outdrew on them. My mistake heads up was with blinds $2000/$4000 I was raising and missing and had to lay down a bunch of hands. I should have just started calling her blind. Live and learn

Wednesday nite at 8 PM Pot Limit Omaha for PA freeroll league. I go out on the Second hand when I decide I dont really want to be playing this and donk off to Pekabo with two aces in the hole and she hits a str8. Tis okay. I have TPCO starting at 9 and my weekly fix of The Mookie on FTP starts at 10PM. TPCO starts off poorly but starts turning around. Im now at the final table of TPCO and the Mookie has started.

The Mookie is typical Mookie action. Lots of raising and bluffing and blind stealing. If you want to be tested and learn how to eat humble pie then the Mookie is the place to spend your Wednesday nites. A lot of these guys and gals are not only top bloggers with great content, they are also great players with big tourney experience. Ive cashed in the WWDN but never in the Mookie but Have come close to final tabling a few times in my 4-5 attempts. I steal my share of blinds and am in okay position. I look down with AQ from EP and raise to $150 (3X) two people move in trkfix (not sure which blogger that is) and Smokkee. Now I have to respect Smokkee. With two all ins in front of me I fold the AQ. When the cards flip its AQ for Trkfix and Smokkee with the IG signature hand of 99. I'm kicking myself when a Ace hits on the flop, I'm turning a cartwheel when Smokee turns a 9 for a set and out goes Trkfix.

The phone rings and I hear a familiar voice..

"What did you have that hand"

I start laughing and state "So, you like to watch"???!!!

It's Ray who decided to check in to see how I was doing. I'm trying to talk and play two tourneys at the same time. I called a raise from Love_elf with TT. Flop misses me with two overs to my tens. When love_elf bets out I fold pretty sure she has hit her hand. I raise with AT on the Mookie. Normally, from EP I may fold this hand. My fellow Libra, and 4 time Mookie winner Surflexus reraises and I call, hit an ace. I lead out only to be reraised again. I go back over the top knowing Surf is either on a draw or trying to raise me off the hand cuz thats the kind of aggressive poker he plays. Of course he flushes me on the river and I am out of the Mookie relatively early but now can give full attention to TPCO. Ray has let me get back to both tourneys but types in chat on Full Tilt Poker to bring the win home on Titan. Mookie players wish me luck and its off to do heads-up battle.

I take down the win on Titan and Ray calls me back a little later to see how I did. I am pleased to report the victory. Not bad turning $2.20 into $25.20 in about two hours. My titan balance is up to $1124 all from $50 back in April. We chat for awhile about the WSOP airing especially Eric Molina. I had sent him the link to Shaniac's blog (Shane Schleger) who tangled with Eric but he hadn't had time to check it out yet. I look at the clock and realize Egad its 11:30 PM and I have to get to bed.

Thursday nite is start of my weekend as I again take Friday off. I get home turn on the computer and it goes into checking the disk. Everything is trying to load at the same time and something is hanging. I have to be on Full Tilt at 8 PM and its not looking too good. Finally, all the incompatabilities are resolved and I'm registerd for the AcesCracked mid week preseason tourney. Mike, my live league manager joined AcesCracked and is registered, and Trent has too (but is a no show tonite) and some character named Snake something or other (Ray) joins in the fun too. His avatar is my old FTP avatar whick cracks me up. The chick with the floppie hat and big chest. I actually have a similar hat and a chest but I have decided to change my avatar to a somewhat more sportier and polished one. I type in chat to Ray; "I used to look like that, here". I'll leave his chat commment to me alone.

Anyway I'm out within twenty minutes I hit a set of 666 and I know mcash is trying to get me off the best hand and by the time the dust settles I am out flushed again. DAMN IT ALL. That's like three nites in a row. I watch most of the rest of the tourney. I see Ray run a bluff sucessfully (I tell no tales of how I knew this and he confirmed it last nite) and then he gets his butt handed to him when Penn(Penfolio)catches him bluffing later on. He finishes #2 for peanuts since this was short handed with about 6 playing. $5.50 isn't his usual buy-in but thats the bread and butter for us lower stakes folks. Anyway, I decide that I should do something more constructive with my evening then get flushed, rivered and bitch-slapped so I decide to color my hair and read Cosmopolitan.

Out to Walmart I trot after Aces Cracked is over, and I deliberate over what color brunette I should be. My hairstylist is only part-time now and with my schedule it's hard to get an appointment that fits into her availablity and mine. Plus, I think I can handle doing this myself for a fraction of the cost. I do so sucessfully saving a chunk of change. Its back to a nice chocolate brown but I can still see the red highlights. Last year I tired of the Jennifer Aniston colored locks that I had for years and decided to go a darker brown then I ever was. Ah there is nothing more satisfying then saving money and doing it yourself, I just saved about $50 on my hair so I think I'll do retail therapy and sleep in tomorrow.

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