Friday, September 15, 2006

Blogger Poker Tour-Season II

After playing in Matt's PokerSavvy Blogger tourney on Wednesday nite (made the final table but only top 3 paid) as well as The MOOKIE, I decided to check out the Blogger Poker Tour site to see when Season II would begin. My timing is impeccable except when it comes to me making a stand with my AQ and running it into AA (The Mookie) and my AK into AA (pokerstars PPA $1 tourney). Not to mention when down to three in a buy-in tourney last nite I run KK into Ace-rag and of course the Ace hits.

I headed over to the BPT site which is held on and season II is kicking off on September 23, 2006. Not only will the winner of Season II win a trip to the Aussie Millions but the person who blogs the best about Season II wins a trip to the Aussie Millions as the official blogger for the event. Now, I may not have the writing chops of Dr Pauly, but I do have some writing experience having written enough articles for THE PACESETTER which is the magazine of the Hudson Mohawk Road Runners (HMRRC)as well as being the editor of the Profile of a Runner Column for many years. Originally, I was going to take this week off from live blogging the Aces Cracked Weekly game to concentrate on playing but I figure I Can use all the experience I can get if I am going to win this contest. It would be totally awesome to win a trip to Australia and be able to visit with El Ing and Synergy (Ellen & Dean) before Vegas next year. The only problem is getting vacation time in January. The phones go wild in January with all the new plans and members coming on board and time off is restricted. Fortunately, I'm pretty friendly with my manager who I've been a sounding board for thru his running aches and pains and his rapid rise up the Masters Ranks.

Even though I only work 4 hours on Friday, I decided to take the whole day off to get my eyebrows done, do my hair and measure my windows for new curtains etc. Then it's off to Fort Edward for Week II of the APL. I went thru a whole bunch of accumulated junk mail and my postman must think I am some kind of degenerate gambler. I have received so much mail and CD's from Online casinos, Sports Books, and Poker rooms etc., that next I expect a pamphlet on Gambler's Anonymous to be popped in my mailbox.

Finally, as a show of solidarity to my Poker playing friends who reside in the STUPID SEVEN STATES of Illinois, Nevada, Indiana, Washington, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Missouri, I have decided to withdraw my money from Dream Poker. I pulled from Purple Lounge the other nite (they did charge a $1 withdrawal fee the bastards) and I decided to Pull from Trident last nite to consolidate down and get my money off the poker rooms in case all hell breaks lose. Rest assured Congressman Sweeney will not be getting my vote this November as he voted on the online gambling ban.

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