Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Happy 2 year Poker Anniversary to Me!!

September 26th, 2006 (yesterday) marked my two year anniversary of playing for real money. I made my first and only deposit on Party Poker for $50 and played in the new players $1 tourney. I finished 13th of 413 and cashed for peanuts but was happy to do that well in my first buy-in.

Last night, I almost accomplished the comeback of the year on Dream poker. I had built up a nice stack nearing the bubble of our PA freeroll league and got over aggressive with my trademark hand of 99. I raised and Carol reraised. Not giving her credit for a big hand in the BB I reraised. Yes, you guessed it when the cards flipped I was looking at the bullets and I failed to hit my set. That left me stacked and down to 145 chips. But IG doesnt give up and she relentlessly worked her small stack back up to not only final table but eventually take the lead.

I pulled off a Harrington-esque squeeze play. I sensed weakness when Handpat who had lost the lead and had tightened up considerably min-raised from UTG when I was in the BB. Carol (DCI) called the mini raise from the button. I had about 4000 chips and 800 invested in the pot. With the blinds and the two mini raisers in the pot I decided to pull the trigger and push all in. Had either one called and lost they would have been crippled. I then took the lead with a semi bluff. Unfortunately, I used all 9 of my lives when my dominating AK vs A8 got sucked out on the river by Sun Honey hitting her 8 when she pushed all in against my raise. She was the short stack at the time. I then ran KQ into AK and AJ into AQ to seal my fate and go out 6th. Ah, what could have been, but I got hyperaggressive at the end with the blinds 500/1000 and 1000/2000.

TPCO didnt get enough players two nites in a row to get off the ground. DANG IT. I won the NLHE last week and wanted an attempt to repeat. Im sitting here waiting for the Mookie to begin trying to work off my FTP bonus on a Cap PLO8 table. Micro limits baby but I just took the low for $5.55. Cards havent been cooperating but I'm ahead of what I sat down with.

I just withdrew money off CD Poker into neteller. I'm trying to limit my exposure on poker rooms. I had two accounts frozen. Will Hill has about $40 on me and Royal Card Room has close to $20 (but its in EURO on both sites). Money won in league freerolls last year and I'm not happy. And whats worse I received no notice.

And I bid you goodnite all

Ran my KK into Lifesagrind's AK during the Mookie and of course no love shown to IG-E-BABEE as Sham has coined me and I bowed out relatively early. I have yet to make the cash in an MTT on FTP. Figure "they" are making me pay my dues. I am showing a profit in my Omaha Hi lo ring games but I have yet to catch up with the buy-ins I've expended. The beats on FTP are just as bad as on Pokerstars maybe even worse.

The good news is I was also sitting at my Omaha Hi Lo table while Mookie-ing and ended up with a nice profit for the session when I flopped quad 5's. There was a possible club flush and diamond flush as well as full boats possible (A55 hit the flop and another ace on the turn) the only hand that could beat me was quad A's. I had to assume that the other two that came along for the ride were chasing the flushes. I took them for the max since we were at a cap table. YEAH BABY...


mookie99 said...

Congrats on the 2 year anniversary.

Thanks for playing last night, tough way to go.

slb159 said...

Congrats on your anniversary.

slb159 said...

Oh, and I just posted about it being your blog's anniversary. Hope some people stop by with the link I provided.

Bloody P said...

Thanks to slb, I'm here! You're legit now.

Just kidding.

Nice work on the finishes!

Ignatious said...

kudos on 2 years!