Monday, September 18, 2006

Pimpin the Mookie

So what if he's from Austin and a Longhorns fan. I can swallow my CU pride. Yeah Yeah Yeah 70-3!!!

All bloggers and Friends of Bloggers are welcome to join. Per the Mookie himself the more the merrier.


shamanalix said...

So "The Mookie" is open to anyone who shows, or one has to be a Blogger? Is there pre-registering somewhere necessary, to receive a password or get on a list? Keep up the good writing; fun to read, though I'm not at all into blogs 'cuz I feeling like I'm peeking in someone's diary. Or maybe the columnist in me's jealous. I know the copy editor is cringing...

mookie99 said...

The Mookie is open to everyone...password is vegas1

Thanks for spreading the word about the tourney IG and thanks for playing.