Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Razz-ing Hell

I am not quite sure how I got there but I managed to finish 23rd of 238 riverchasers last nite in a game of Limit Razz and I cashed for $1. And that was one hard earned dollar, kind of like a visit from the tooth fairy!!! Out of my four attempts at this game, which I profess to know very little about I have cashed twice and if I hadnt gotten into a pissing match with a league mate in attempt #2 I would be 3/4. Im jumping out of my shoes since we all know IG hates limit anything. Did I mention I love Razz? I love anything I happen to do well at and hate anything I can't master. Strike that, I havent figured out how to master the male gender and I do love that curious breed of homo sapien.

My first table saw repeated visits from the emcee Al Cant Hang. Al rightfully had a bee in his bonnet because some fonkey tried to sell the password to the Riverchasers freeroll. Thats right similar to the trade I was offered-Bloggerpods for Railbirds, this idiot was trying to sell the Riverchasers Password. Yup..... Trying to sell a password for a freeroll. Now Al isnt somebody I would want to piss off and he let it be known he wasnt happy with this misbehavior. So when I took the first pot down off this mother which vaulted me to first place for about 1 minute, I felt proud. Al put a bounty on Kwhatevers head and eventually the tool was dispatched. Not before Jordan and a host of other hardcore bloggers and riverchasers stopped by to offer their comments. I only advised the tool that Al could say anything he wanted since it was his tourney when the tool kept telling Al to go away.

I outlasted a whole school of bloggers who probably know the game of Razz better then I. Folks I admire a heck of a lot. Now mind you there was some really idiotic play going on in this tourney and Im sure they fell victim to hands the fonks and fonkettes shouldnt have been in on in the first place. When down to about 36 or so I spotted one blogger left, my fellow NY stater Jordan. My mission outlast Mr High on Poker. He started coming back to me and like two ships we passed in the nite at two different tables, with me moving up and he moving down. Shortly after the bubble burst I pitched in my last chips and went out in 23rd (or maybe it was 21st) as it was time to go to bed.

Of course then, I was freaking about actually sleeping because I had gotten hit in the head with my ironing board courtesy of Bailey while working yesterday and I was afraid I had a concussion. Thank god I had been pulled from the phones to do my old job of fixing the claims we paid wrong (we call that rework)and didnt blurt out an expletive into the phone. My ironing board was leaning against the wall of my office and Bailey fresh from siesta #5 or so of the day decided to do a cat stretch on the ironing board. My big Maine Coon managed to send the thing in my direction and it beaned me in the side of my noggin. I saw stars for a few minutes and have a nice lump on the side of my head. So besides worrying about DVT (deep vein thrombosis) from sitting to long at my computer working and playing poker, I now can worry about having a concussion and not waking up.

And although I do have a nice lump on my head, I am fine and no worse for wear. I decided to take the nite off and catch up on some blog reading. I hadnt been on Iakaris's blog in a bit and caught up with his blog (hope your feeling better IAK). And then I caught up on Shaniac's blog. Then I read the most hilarious, hysterical post on Waffles blog. I was roaring with laughter. Now mind you you have to be an insider kinda/sorta or a reader of the main characters blogs. Waffles post is a Babblefish intrepretation of what Hoyazo was thinking and going to blog about,when Waffles was on his way to winning Monday at the Hoy (MATH) over Hoy himself. (Babblefish is an online language translator which I have used for work before).

Then to top it all off one of the comments left me almost pissing myself when poker enthusiast asked Waffles if babblefish would be useful in trying to understand what his wife was trying to say. Too too funny..... I think a read of Men are from Mars Women are from Venus is in order.

Next live game up is an off-season Adirondack Poker league $60 buy-in this Friday nite which should prove interesting. I've been reading up on tells (happy feet and eye flutter) and am going to put my improved people reading skills to use. Plus since the league wound down, Ive made big strides in my live game and overall play in general.


SirFWALGMan said...

I hope you have disability insurance! heh. Good job in the Razz... I got donked out early with a KQ chaser. LMAO. He made a 86 with my board showing A45 and me having a made 8 and a draw to lower that never made it. If you ever want Razz pointers I am "The King of Razz".. or so Poker Enthusiast tells me..

shamalamadingdongdonk XXXV said...

Talking of tells, excellent article in new Bluff (April 2007, Johnny Chan cover) titled "Reading Women at the Table." Yeah, as if women can accurately be read anywheres! Still, some thoughts next time you duel an all-lady event ... or even an unknown sheila in a regular game. Surely you won't see any "ig" in the tell tales??? Oh, and the article's by Joe Navarro...

cracknaces said...

RAZZ is the most ridiculous variation of poker there is. Basically you just sit and wait for crappy cards, there is no bluffing etc etc. Anyone can win at RAZZ and I am evidence of that :)