Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Congrats to BigTai (Lex) and Snake5970 (Ray)

I just got off the phone with Snake.... We APLers (Adirondack Poker Leaguers) and Upstate NYers sure can play (well some of us anyway)...While I was returning from Sin City on a high note, Snake, BigTai, Silo (Rich), Smellydigits (aka Cocky aka Joe Jr) and 3 others ventured up to TROCK (Turning Stone) for event two of the Heartland Poker Tour.

In a field that contained Annette15, Gobboboy and Mkind16 etc..... (its an Indian Reservation so the under 21ers can play.. Snake5970 finished 10th for $1100 and BigTai cut an 8 way deal for over $5500 as a shortstack.

I had emailed Snake upon my return to tell him I hoped he wasnt reading my email yet (I couldn't get thru on his cell) and hoped he was doing well. I was still lazing around in bed when his call came in this AM.. I looked at the clock and said Dang had you called me earlier we could have gone back up to play today. Snake of course laughed and would have been game.

19 Days till Snake leaves for Vegas and the 2007 WSOP Main Event. He will start play on Day 3 which is Sunday July 8th.

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Unimpressed said...

Where upstate are you? I got family (in-laws) in Monticello.