Monday, June 25, 2007

Set over Set Boat over Boat

Just recently the Hammerman himself, Hoyazo posted how in the course of one evening he ran into set over set not just once, twice or three times, but a ridonkulous 6 or 7 times ('m too lazy to go back and check the post and I said near-photographic memory not perfect :). I posted that it in fact had happened to me and it smarts but Alas what can you do? I know Phil Gordon tells you to not really worry about it in the Little Green Book because the odds of that happening are 1 out of a hundred times (see page 82). But it does and you will go broke.

So after my Poker Analysis win of last weekend on Pstars I decided to play a early Sunday evening league game on $5.50 buyin T2000 starting chips and only 11 players signed up. I was actually able to hit straights with 48os out of the SB and another straight with another LAGGY play with lots of limpers, but I had no payoffs early on. I seesawed back and forth and never really got over the 2000 starting chips after folding my raise with 88 to a board of AJK (with two others in the pot). I then was dealt 33... Again multiway pot I'm early position I think I limped.....Now I will tell you something (and goodness I'm beginning to sound like Hoy!!). My raises get no respect normally against this crew and I often say to myself... "Do you think its statistically possible for me to not have a hand all that often???" so I tend to limp or min raise against these folks because value betting seems to work best and lets face it why lose a ton of chips when you are going to more often then not fold post flop. Which is the reason you have to play all sorts of people and not just bloggers because you need to see all types of players.

Board 346 or 7..... I've hit bottom set.... So I fire out small overbet (because the slider thingee wont cooperate and I'm too lazy to type in a pot sized bet) and get a caller and the rest of the limpers go bye bye... There is no flush draw possible but there is str8 possiblity. Although I'm kind of familiar with the dudes play who called, I wouldnt call him LAGGY and I was more worried about a possible str8 then set over set.. Regardless the next card is either a blank or the 6 and the river is definitely a 6 so now Im hoping he does have the str8 and I think i shall catapault into the lead...... So now I push all in with the boat of 33366 and am shell shocked to find the dude had 44 in the whole and middle set. And I go out in 10th place. Big ouch and just maybe a touch of Hubris

Not to be undaunted and feeling like I had not gotten my Poker jones (I missed Katitude's Donkament Friday nite and only played a Razz game Saturday nite for the Poker Analysis Freeroll league while railing Snake5970 in his pre-Vegas warmup of The Saturday nite Deep stacker on Pstars.), I decided to earn my way into the MATH by tokening it..... And BooYah.. I actually maded it into the tokens without really having to worry about the bubble or scrambling for once.. My JJ and QQ held early on and I had a nice enough stack. And when I needed to make a move just to stay out of harms way of possibly losing the token, I hit a flush out of the SB with a shortie all in and showed to let the big stack no I wasnt being bitchy that I had a hand and Boom token for IG for the MATH for $6.50.. Now Im a gal who loves a good bargain and to get into the MATH which has my favoritist format of a deep stack and has a $26 buy-in is better then chocolate (I didnt say SEX, I said Chocolate!!!)

See you all in the MATH.


Unimpressed said...

$26 buy-in is better then chocolate (I didnt say SEX, I said Chocolate!!!)

You aren't married are you? :)

Astin said...

Gotta love 'em. Here's two for the books. Both live at my local club.

Cash game - I see KK in the SB, raise, get re-raised by the the BB, and call. Flop AKx. I check, BB checks. Turn is J. I bet, re-raised, push, called. J on the flop. AA in the BB for Aces full of Jacks vs my Kings full.

Eh Vegas Tournament vs Kat. Kat raises, I call with TT. 77T flop, Kat bets, I call. T turn, Kat bets, I call. Brick on the river, Kat pushes, I call for less. Kat flips over the hammer, and my quads beat her boat.

The rarer they are, the more memorable that are.