Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I leave for Vegas in 14 hours

The good news at work this morning was the first hour I was off the phones and processing claims. That meant only 3.5 hours of phone time as I decided to only work a half day. Of course, on my last day before vacation our customer service system decided to have web/server issues and we were all clocking and timing out and basically getting the customer service version of the blue screen of death. Even the back up system was largely unavailable so for about an hour I simply stated. Thank you for calling XXXXX, we are currently experiencing system issues and ask that you try again sometime after 1 or 2 PM (which of course was after my departure for vacation!!). Finally the system came up for my last twenty minutes. I should have put myself into aftercall/aux mode 5 minutes to 2 PM if not before that. Of course being the trooper I am I stayed auto'd in and got a phone call at like 1:56 PM, and then I was asked to hold and then I was asked to do one more client, and then its after 2 Pm and she still has one more (total 3) and when she asks me to hold again, I'm about ready to go on Customer Service Tilt... So, I tell a little white lie and say.... (and if I was silent monitored on this call Im going to get dinged and loose my bonus for the month).. Ma'am, I cant hold I supposed to be out of here and on my way to the airport ASAP... I normally dont do this but I gotta go!!!... She understood and said she'd call back. Now of course I dont leave till tomorrow but at 2 PM when my vacation is about to start Im out of there and after the day we had, Im really out of there.

I got finished packing for Vegas and Snake came by on his way to SmAllbany and took me to a late lunch (pizza with artichokes and feta and other good stuff) and he showed me his pictures from last years Main Event (he made it to day three and busted about two hours before the money) which got me excited and of course at lunch I look at him and state... "Based on my starting chip stack for the tourney I plan on doing, If I get up to 20000 chips that means thats 19 other players chips I have and they are out of there... And do you know that AK has a 73% chance of winning vs AQ 23%? And then I state that I am a total geek for even thinking about stuff like that!". Hell other gals are thinking about Jimmy Choo shoes and the newest shade of OPI nail color or having a bad hair day and Im thinking about pot and implied odds and probabilities and how many hands I'll see in a blind level and how I need to grow my stack and which Tilly tops will look best on me in Vegas..

And then I handed off some books I am not lugging to Vegas: My Harrington III, my Frommers Vegas guide, my Joe Navarro book on Poker Tells (very good by the way) and a little chart I made for him from Phil Gordens little green book and said you need to do your homework while Im gone to get ready for the Main Event. Plus he and his brother Rich and perhaps Lex and Trent from our live league are heading up to T-ROCK to play the Heartland Poker Tour Monday and possibly Tuesday of next week.

I promised to get my money in with the best hand and not go busto on AK or AQ.

And now my dilemma of the evening to Mookie or not to Mookie.

The Ipod is fully charged

The boarding pass is printed.

I have my bankroll for my tourneys

I get into McCarren at 12:30 PM nonstop flight will shuttle to the Hotel..

I plan to be look up Penn and Sham when I get in and Head down to the bowling alley for the 9PM blogger gathering. Maybe do a late tourney at the Sahara.

Friday I plan to possibly play Caesars nooner then do a nice dinner somewhere and Maybe hit up PURE and the MGM. Plus a stop at the RIO.

Saturday Breakfast at Binions with the Lady PokerSharks and Tina B. Back to the Orleans for the Summer Classic and to sign into Bodog for a WSOP main event seat I qualified for which Snake will take over the reins for me. If I bust out in the first hour a mad dash back down to Binions for the Ladies Lips event.. Or back to the RIO to watch how BRDweb and Hoyazo are doing. Hopefully meet Pauly and Change and Otis at the Tilted Kilt. Another nice dinner and early to bed.

Sunday early early nice brunch and then...... Ladies WSOP event starting at noon. Much like Hoyazo I'm scheduled to be return home Monday. I dont have to be back to work till Thursday as I increased my vacation and took Wednesday off too. If I make it to Monday I may go to the airport early to see if they need someone bumped and get bumped and then reschedule my flight out for Tuesday.. If I do the unthinkable and make it to the final table then I take the red eye out Tuesday nite and arrive back Wednesday. I then Cab home as my mom will be in NYC for a couple days taking in a show and shopping. But heck Ill be in the money and it wont care if I need to cab home 10 miles or so.


Chad Carpenter (Yahoo IM: carchd) said...

There is no way you are donk enough to final table the ladies event :) I have heard nothing but horror stories for that event....

pokerpeaker said...

ANd then you wrote your third thing about yourself....

oh, wait.

IG! Bad girl!

Dave said...

Hi IG!

Good luck!

See you in NY for the Heartland Poker Tour event.

HPT-Office Manager

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

Nice to talk to you tonight.

Wish I was there.

Uber Tragedy!