Monday, June 04, 2007

I was scooped!! Good Neteller News

I survived a nine hour day of work (no overtime today as I am in the middle of a garden crisis). Thankfully I got pulled to process claims starting at about 4:30 PM (an hour earlier then originally planned) and the afternoon was peaceful as I jammed down to MaxCreek and Ratdog courtesy of my Itunes Library.

No sooner then I sign off the work computer at 7 PM and give Bailey a brush as hes craving attention the phone rings. I knew it wasnt my mom. I usually cringe when she doesnt give me enough time to take off my work cap and decompress for a while. Plus her number comes up on my caller ID. When it came up NY Call I knew it could only be one person and I was right it was Snake calling me from his cell phone from his live game.

Now normally, I am the intrepid reporter filling him in on the comings and goings of poker news but not tonite.. His live league mate and sub for APL who Ive played against a bunch --Joe Jr aka Cocky had this joyful news:

So what if my Dahlias are swimming in a pool of muck due to the deluge of rain that we are being inundated with in Upstate NY. I took avasive measures and got two repotted. Suquirrels have eaten a few of the bulbs and although I like wildlife, Im beginning to think of them as nothing but rats with tails. Its going to be war if they ruin any more of my gardening efforts.

Early this year my patience was tried to the max with a ton of crap hitting me at once. Some good, some bad: like the Neteller fiasco. I'm a firm believer that if I keep on keeping on it all works out in the end as its supposed to.

I'm heading to Vegas firing on all cylinders... Life is Good


Wippy1313 said...

I just wish I had some money in netteller to worry about. BTW, sorry for my overzealous friend last night. He's married with kids believe it or not.

a.k.a. Zooomabooma said...

Heya, the latest P&F show is up at Archive...