Friday, June 22, 2007

The Week in Review

I played the MATH and the MOOKIE this week and have now moved into the bottom qualifying spot (50th) of the BBT. That's not acceptable and I will be playing all the remaining events to get my twenty in sans the Riverchasers Deep Stack HORSE. Lets face it I'm just not a limit girl. I went pretty deep in the Mookie finishing 17th of 81 or 82 (record turnout I believe). But since the BBT began, I've come short of the actual cash after some deep finishes in the MATH, my one BIG GAME and the MOOKIE. I'm not going to rant about this weeks MATH where I couldn't hit a flop to save my life and got chased down to the river by a weak tight calling station (who pulled the same crap on Miami Don). I took notes on the player and pitched a fit to Katitude and MD already. Time to move on.

Tuesday evening I was playing a 9 person SNG on FTP. Snake popped up to rail me to a second place finish which I lost when I got rivered and I was only slightly outchipped. In turn, I fired up Pokerstars where he was deep in a $20 buy-in 180 person SNG. He was just into the money and the call came thru:

Snake5970: Do you want to take over for me? I have the early shift tomorrow?

IG: Hmmm Sure (with a little fear and trepidation since I had no reads on anyone).

Snake5970: I'm in the money already (for about $40 at the time) just play your game, dont worry about it.

IG: Im on it. (so Snake signed off and I signed in as him)

I'm a player and my goal was to take this bad boy down. I observed for a few orbits folding folding folding... I then raised out of the SB with a gapped suited connector. Hit a 4 flush, semi bluffed the river and doubled up off a slightly bigger stack when I called his all-in with the four flush and found I had a better nothing then his nothing.. In fact my suited 89 or 78 dominated his hand of another gapper!!

From there I rolled and got myself onto the final table and into 4th position. We got down to 5 way and I open raised off the button with KJ to $9000 which was a third of my stack and I was still in 4th. I wound up (after thinking thinking thinking for a good part of the time bank) laying it down to a tighter players reraise. Hindsight is twenty twenty and he may have just been on a re-raise steal but that didnt dawn on me at the time and I gave him credit for a stronger hand since he had been playing tight. I probably should have open shoved there. That caused me to lose 1/3 of my chips and in the course of three hands I busted out in 5th for $234.. Disappointed but in general pleased with my play for the most part.

Last nite Snake called me to fill me in on some really big news of his. He then confessed that he had actually watched my entire play from the moment I took over. Immediately I get that feeling of Oh what did I do wrong and a critique is eminent? I was pleased when he gave me his two thumbs up with a resounding... You played fantastic!!! I almost was going to call you to fill you in on that one dude but know your scouting and reads are better then mine (I'm ten times better live when I can see my opponents then just watching betting patterns on-line). In fact I had emailed him during my run that the BluffinX dude was a LAGGie luckbox (and that took all of a few hands to ascertain)

I went to Vegas with a win under my belt in the monthly finale for Poker Analysis. Cashed in two of four tourneys in Vegas, Came back and won a buy-in on pokerstars, Cashed in the two sngs I played on Full Tilt and played a tough two final tables in a 180 person $20 sng on stars with limited information. My game continues to evolve and I'm at the crossroads that with a little more work I'll be taking down a bigger score then my $1165 very soon. That is the beauty of this game. We can always get better and learn from our mistakes and from others if we are open to improving.

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Littleacornman said...

Re the KJ,I reckon you probably just ran into a better hand.$234's not a bad score though :-)