Sunday, June 03, 2007

Vegas in less then 80 hours

Today is my last day to get things done before three long days of work and my departure for sin city on Thursday AM.

Things Ive done:

Purchased New ink Cartridges for HP printer.... Have to be able to print out the boarding pass. Plus RK from AcesCracked posted the best link to Las Vegas daily poker tourneys and I printed that out (beats packing cardplayer).

Printed out $5 off coupon for Pet Smart and got Bailey loaded up on his Tuna Flakes and fancy feast. He already has a good supply of his Maine Coon Kibble and Friskies Feline Favorites.

Bikini wax.. I got smart and left a strip (no fancy design) and it didnt hurt at all. Of course the fact that I had gone wild with Veet a week prior to get ready to hang out at the pool made this wax a snap.

Facial and Glycolic Peel- Used up Xmas gift certificate. My face now no longer looks like raw meat as it does sometimes after I have a peel. I have a skin condition noticeable on my forehead the drives me bonkers. Ive been told Retinol would clear it up. Saving money for dermatologist for a look see and perhaps real chemical peel.

Pedicure- used up another certificate and my toes are magnificent in OPI One Helluva Color. No manicure I break my nails way to easy on poker chips.

Won a tourney Thursday nite after Gigli-ing the Mookie.. Thats right, I was first out of the Mookie.. I re-raised Iakaris with KK and he pushed all in with QQ and hit a set about three hands in.....Then still needing a poker fix, I did a turbo sng and was down to 15 chips early after running my flopped top two pair into a set of fours which turned into quads. I almost pulled off what would have been the comeback of the century and finished in the money in 3rd place.

Anyway, bonus monthly 1eague game for Poker Analysis on Absolute Poker didnt cost me a dime and I won $60. I played pretty much the perfect game and took out the final three players one by one. Played Katitude's donkament and went out about 7th (still a final table). Got impatient at the end and I had not slept well the night before.

I was doing some blog catching up and saw that Richard 'Quiet Lion' Brodie has been banned from Harrahs and cant play the WSOP. Seems that Richard had hit a bunch of royal flushes on one of Caesar's super high-limit Video Poker Machines. Guess Harrah's doesnt like big winners (even though as Richard stated on his blog hes given back 80%) and sent him a letter stating he's not welcome on their properties.

Miami Don, Pauly, Shamanalix (via the Aces Cracked forum) and Tina Bergstrom (aka Survivor) have been keeping me on the edge of my seat with great first hand accounts of WSOP goings on.

Re-reading and taking notes from a couple of my poker books which I will hand off to Snake before I go. Ive made up index cards so I dont have to lug these books. Plus this is going to be a great read for him as he gets ready for the Main Event. Harrington on Holdem goes with me. Its my bible!!

I should get into Vegas about 12:30 PM PST on Thursday.. I plan on taking the shuttle for $5 (will probably buy a round tripper as its cheaper then cab fare to and from the aiport)

---And for the number three thing you didnt know about me.:

3. I blew a .21 Blood alcohol level when I was arrested for my DWI (reduced to a DWAI) back in 1989. Most gals at the size I was then would have been in the hospital with Alcohol poisoning. Not IG. When I made my appearance at the Alcohol counselors doorstep with my mother in tow (I couldnt drive as my license was suspended and I hadnt gotten my conditional yet), He looked at my mother and said "Your daughter is addicted to alcohol, you dont blow that high without having a tolerance". I guess he spoke to her because he figured I wasnt ready to hear it. I white knuckle detoxed in my moms basement where I was living with my 3 cats (IKO, CC and Casey all gone to kitty heaven now) for about 6 weeks before I got myself into out-patient re-hab. I ate a ton of Tootsie Rolls, Hershey's Kisses and Reese's peanut butter cups during this time, creating little mounds of wrappers.

Enough of that trip down memory lane.. Back to packing!! Im traveling light this time. I wont fill one whole section of the suitcase with shoes. I am however packing energy bars.

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Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Irongirl! Didn't realize you were headin' Vegas-way or I'd have included you in my list of folks going a couple of days back. Have a blast . . . looking forward to yr reports.