Friday, June 29, 2007

Off the Schneid

On Monday my favorite strategy posting, king of the screen shots aka the POD, hammerplayer extraordinaire Hoyazo did a recap of those bloggers/players knock knock knocking on the basement ceiling of the top 50 for the BBT.. Yours truly, was sitting in 51st place needing to either make a move up the leader board with four games to go or play the remaining 4 to get her twenty in to assure her spot in the freeroll.

I started off by getting myself into the points in the MATH. Two hours of boring poker where I was literally card dead and struggling but I moved into 45th spot. I saw no pocket pair larger then tens.. One time I got a walk in the BB with them another time I had to lay the bastards down to what I am pretty sure was a better hand/overpair to my tens (or I was bluffed off them by STB). And the last time I had them I think I just stole the blinds.

Now the Mookie started with Snake getting his Main Event Mojo going with the following statement to me during our phone chat:

Snake5970: You better be ready because I'm going to kick your arse.

IG: I'm ready baby.. Good luck storming the castle.

Snake mentions something about us both going deep, unfortunately he didnt quite get there at the end with me.

IG: Guess I wont be bending over for you tonite!

Snake5970: How many times are you going to remind me of that?

IG: Oh, a few more at least.

First thanks to all the railbirds who were rooting for me to take down my first Mookie and to Main Event bound Snake5970 for the sweat (two nites in a row) Alas it was not to be but I battled/grinded/stole my way to a third place finish and third final table of the year (not bad for an old gal, eh?). This moved me further up the leaderboard. I then followed it up with a final table bubble finish in tenth in Riverchasers... I knocked Hoy out of the Mookie in 11th I believe (see his blog for a complete recap) and he returned the favor by knocking me out of Riverchasers in tenth. I am an extremely good sport and had no problem getting knocked out by one of my favorite bloggers who I had the pleasure to meet in Vegas. Hoy raised me with 55. I had a beautiful suited ATh in the BB and I was short to boot. I had no choice here but to call and fight for my tourney life (as I had lost a good chunk of my stack with me holding AQ in the SB and running it once again into AK in the BB at a short-handed rigged) and although I hit an Ace on the flop, presto was gold and he turned the set. I'm not sure if Hoy saw my remarks but I said as I exited the person who knocks me out usually goes on to the win and he did.. Congratulations Hoyazo!!!

The three tourneys are such a study in contrast. The Math albeit late for me on a Monday nite suits me best with its Deep Stack format (the Marathon). The Mookie can be sheer mayhem with raising and reraising and hammering right out of the gate (a sprint) and the Riverchasers is well lets just say its the Varsity team scrimmaging against the freshman team. I said to Snake, this tourney is a bunch of bloggers/pure players vs a bunch of drunks playing poker (some folks fall into both categories). Some of the play was far from stellar. And if you look at the top 11 there was only a nonblogger or two in the midst and I'm not counting my buddy Shamanalix who is a fringe blogger by virtue of his freelance writing profession and who final tabled this summer's WPBT event at the Orleans. One comment made by a blogger about a KO'd riverchaser caused the riverchaser to say with a laugh-out-loud (probably sarcastic): "So I guess you guys are all pros?"

So I'm now up into like 35th place and could rest on my placement with one game to go in the BBT, but I'm a player and I'm going to either token my way into the bad ass Big Game hosted by the Big Handsome Guy (even if he voted for George Bush, and i learned a long time ago to agree to disagree about politics and religion), and my pal: MiamiDon. Plus I cant think of a better group of players to prepare myself for some bigger live tourneys I hope to be adding to my schedule.

Unfortunately, IG had to take a early evening siesta today so I missed the Donkament. I was up to the wee hours Wednesday nite into Thursday and last nite another after midnite nite. Coupled with my lower back bordering on spasms (its muscular caused by the tight muscles in my Italian booty) which is draining in and of itself (and I have no Flexerall left) I was tired... Even though I dont start work till 9:30 AM, I usually am up early to do some overtime. Fortunately, I can just roll out of bed and literally go to work. Thats what I pretty much did today.. I rolled out of bed, Watered my plants and then worked in my Adidas Capris and Cami top without combing my hair or taking a shower.

That's all for this Friday nite.. Peace!!

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lj said...

agree to disagree. good strategy. i'm trying!

hope your back gets better soon, i totally feel your pain.