Sunday, July 01, 2007

Tune Up for the Big Game

So Saturday nite poker was like spinning my wheels. I failed in my one allotted attempt to win a token for the Big Game, Gigli'd the Aces Cracked game, finished third in a sng and bubbled or almost bubbled another in PL08. So, I called it an early evening and went to bed about 10:30 PM still trying to catch up on sleep and give my back/butt muscles a break.

I killed some time Sunday AM trying to figure out what I really wanted to do, play, read etc. At 3:20 EST I looked at the clock and realized Snake5970 would be touching down soon in Las Vegas and on his way to checking into the Gold Coast for two weeks. Waves of jealousy of course swept over me. What's a girl too do? Play Poker Dammit!!!

I had remembered seeing an email promo about a $10 + $1 tourney on FTP with the top 50 winning a copy of the Full Tilt Strategy guide. So I figured it would be a good tune-up for the big game once and if I waded thru the donkeys. And boy there were donkeys. People all in with nothing but gutshot straight draws. It was not pretty. I took advantage of a few of the donkeys and got myself into a position to cash.

Chad then popped up in chat about a last longer bet for the Big game. $20 winner take all. Since I'm a little low on FTP even after my mookie cash and was planning on direct buying in to the big game I told him: "Let me see how I do".

And I rolled. It started when I subscribed to the three strike rule (following Chad's recent strategy post to a tee)...You can pressure my BB twice but on the third time, ATC baby all-in.. So I insta-push against the bullying SB with J7os he insta called with AKsuited (OOPS he had a hand) but I hit two pair and stacked him..I only got really lucky one other time (reraising with my big stack with QQ and flopping a set against KK). I double up when I needed to and soon I found myself... GULP the chip leader not only into the money but Id won the book too... Alas, all was not to be.. I pressured the short stacked bb to my sb one too many times. Doubled him up.. Called a few all ins I should have based on my stack size (I subscribe to the Harrington 10:1 rule) and just got outfloppped or outdrawn. I battled back a few times but went out 14th of 875 for $87.50 and an autographed copy of the book.

So I'm now entered into the Big game having pretty much covered my buy-in and Im a gamer so Im gonna see if I can outlast the big dawgz in the blogger big game. I hope to be last woman, no make that person standing . Right now I am the only chica unless LJ comes into the water.. Come on in gal the waters warm!!!

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lightning36 said...

The water might only be warm because someone peed in it.