Saturday, July 14, 2007

Do not screw with a feisty Italian Gal

Ah yes, Election time is rolling around and the phone calls from my political party have begun. I once was a card carrying contributing member. Not any more.

Hapless underpaid phone rep: Ms IG, can we count on you for a contribution at this time?

IG: (let hapless underpaid phone rep do her spiel while head rotated 360 degrees ala Linda Blair in the Exorist before firing..............

Do you know what the UIGEA is?


IG: I am a poker player and until I get my money back that is being held hostage Im telling you the same thing I told the last person who called. You arent getting a bloody dime . My party , the Democrats (asshats) are just as guilty as the other party the Republicans (assclowns) for allowing this bill to be piggy
backed onto a Port Security measure.

I suggest you do a little research on the issue.

HUPR: HMMM. Im sorry that you feel that way, thank you for your time. Click!!

Damn I feel good. Time to kick some poker arse.


lj said...


ASHMC2 said...

Yo yo, IG, long time no see. I am back playing cards again after a little mental tilt-off hiatus. Good to see you are still going strong. I finally have a roll again and plan to start playing the blooger tourneys again. Hope to see you at a final table soon.

Oh yea BTW, that site rating only reads your current page and not your archives. Disgracefully I got a NC-17 rating. For shame. *pulls paper-bag over head*

Later, Ash out…

crazdgamer said...

That's fantastic.

CarmenSinCity said...


Check out my site for a neteller announcement made today!

lightning36 said...

Wow - what a great way to stick it to those time wasters. Screw them all.