Saturday, July 07, 2007


Yesterday at 1:30PM when I signed off my work computer I started vacation again!!. I spent my first vacation half day getting my eyes examined (eyes only not my head), catching up with Snake5970 from Las Vegas, drinking a Dunkin Donuts Coolata, watering my plants, laying on the couch until I could see again and I played Katitude's Donkament and one sng.

I was doing fine in the donkament my all-in with JJ called by AQ and K6 on the second hand got me to over 3000 chips. AQ two paired flop and turn but I rivered a Jack for a set.. Jacks are okay. I then took down another hand with JJ (really okay!!). Now by the time the Donkament started I could see again but my eyes were still burning and I was playing regular tourney poker not Donkament poker. I was trying to keep the pots small and control the pot size which is of course the reverse of what everyone else was doing. Right before the break I went nutso and lost all my chips to TripJax.. AQ vs his TT and another hand prior to that.

After the break (I'm now into the the donkament for only $6 or $5 with one or two max rebuys and the add-on) I'm doing well, winning some pots but short stacked. I re-raise a big stacks raise with KK only to get called by the big stacks 44. I push all in post flop on a nothing board. Turn is a 4 and I'm out. I guess that makes me the official post re-buy gigli again. But that's the way I'm going to play. Balls out either I chip up or go home. No use playing for anything but the top three.

I play a $2.25 9 person sng. Ive been doing an unofficial challenge because the play is so poor. Half the field is gone in the first two blind levels and I'm chip leader. I wind up busting out in 3rd in the money but this is so full tilt.. I call a minimum raise with 77. Hit the set, its top set. Check on a rainbow board no flush no str8 possibility. Other dude comes over the top with AA turns an A and its set over set one more time. This time on the turn. This is happening just once too often to me. So I eke out a couple of bucks for my 3rd place finish. 4 or 5 sng cashes in a row now and I'm still HOT on Sharkscope BABY.

Today I headed out to the market. When I'm home on vacation, I cook really healthy and I eat fruits and veggies. Not sure why I don't do that when I'm working.. Oh Yeah, Im lazy!!! First I call my mom to catch up with her and to make plans for later in the week to go shopping for blinds. After that, I head out to Price Chopper (I like their produce selection a little better) instead of my usual supermarket of Hannaford after stopping at Hewitt's Garden Center. Some people want to rescue kittens and puppies from animal shelters, I want to rescue neglected plants and revive them. But I don't see anything I really want to add to my collection of flora.

At the market I buy some large shrimp (a non-sequitur), pignoli and sun-dried tomatoes packed in oil for a pasta salad I will make with gemelli and Pesto sauce I already have on hand. Blueberries (thinking Jamie Gold here), raspberries, Bananas, seedless grapes, Green tea, Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi, Mesclun Greens and two ocean spray Smoothies and some blueberry scones. I hit up Starbucks on the way back for a Iced Raspberry Mocha and munch a banana.

Home to a message from Snake and an email from Carmen. I call snake's cell back and leave a message and then start doing some house stuff. He calls me back about 20 minutes later and we catch up on his Friday nite doings. He's up every cash session he has played in Vegas, not one losing session at $1/$3 (Caesar's and Gold Coast is where he has been playing) but he has yet to cash in a tourney and is a little frustrated, but in great spirits. "I thought I was an MTT player", he says. "You are an MTT player", I state but your bread and butter should be cash, as MiamiDon says... CASH IS KING." so I fill him in on Chad's Bellagio Report and Smokkee's comment about no one on the strip about no one folding an Ace in an MTT. And I tell him to stop showing his hands. In case we don't catch up tonite, we make plans so that I'm at home for his phone call tomorrow before he starts play.

After we hang up I call Carmen's cell and she calls me back and we have a nice chat as I've only caught up with her once by phone since my return from Vegas. She is hopefully going to be doing an article on Snake for PokerWorks tomorrow, so I give her Snake's cell number. While I chat with Carmen, I forget my gemelli is cooking. They are not al dente but will still hold the sauce well. I hang up with Carmen and call Snake back to give him Carm's number. He's seen a picture of me and her from Vegas (my favorite one of the trip) so should recognize her tomorrow.

After I took care of business, I slice up the sun-dried tomatoes and add that to the gemelli and pesto sauce and toss in the pignoli (pine nuts). A little more cheese and it will go nicely with my grilled flank steak and mesclun greens with basil vinaigrette. Some fresh berries on a nice piece of NY Style cheesecake and Ill be all good and ready for Poker later.

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