Friday, July 27, 2007

RiverChasers Bubbilicous

Oh well, kind of sucks to play three hours, get yourself in position to win and then go out on the money bubble. On the flip side, I know it comes down to some cards, luck and position at the end stages of a tourney. Just wish my 88 had held against Waffles AJ. I got short stacked with Buddy Dank attacking my BB from the SB. I wasn't short stacked myself enough to warrant calling his all in jams with my measly holdings. And I didn't invoke the KOD rule on him on the third jam against my blind. Next time Buddy your arse is mine even if I'm holding J4os. Nothing personal :)

On the flip side, I have now final tabled the last 3 Maths and cashed twice, the last two Mookies and cashed once and final tabled last nites Riverchasers. Ill take my first big blogger tourney win in MD's big game coming up on August 5th.

I'm really liking where my MTT game is right now. I think every thing has started to click and a bigger score then my $1165 biggest cash is right around the corner.

As Ive said before the Riverchasers tourney is kind of a mixed game of major leaguers and bush leaguers. There is some cross over amongst the field because of our connection to AlCantHang. But the pure riverchasers stick to their own kind and chat amongst themselves and the ghey bloggers (including me) flock together like birds of a feather. The one nice thing is my old forum friend Wolfshead showed up to rail some RCers and we got to chat for a bit. Neither he nor I really spend much time out our old forum any longer.

I was basically called a donkey on a hand I mucked (the dude actually only hit his K on the river holding k8 off) where i called a $165 turn bet with 74h. I had a double belly buster at the time, the dude outchipped 2:1. It was early in the tourney as I had almost doubled up. Yes fonkey, I'm going to push those edges when its a puny part of my stack because you are never going to see it coming if i hit that straight. So why in the hell does a hand I muck show up in the last hand played with my face cards revealed on FTP? Can anyone answer me that.

Today my body is feeling much better then yesterday. I was pretty sore yesterday after tripping over my feet going up the inside stairs to my condo carrying stuff. I fell up but landed on my side and kind of twisted my back. In fact i was stiff enough that my arms were even sore and on a EP steal last nite with KQos I actually showed the cards on a misclick (blaming it on Bailey who was also in rare form last nite with the Air Conditioning on doing laps around the condo).

Now the next order of Agenda for the Go-to man AlCantHang is to create an Atlantic City Junket for us Bloggers and Riverchasers. He's talked about it and it sounds like the Boathouse Bash is tabled for the foreseeable future. How about it Al? Id assist on some details. Heck from 1996-2000 I successfully organized and race-directed 500-600 marathoners on their 26.2 mile point to point trek without losing anyone!!


SirFWALGMan said...

Sorry Baby, would have much rather bubbled BuddyDonkey.. oh well.. I was feeling short and figured we might be racing.. not the best of calls..

I had noticed you and I seem to be meeting up a lot at final tables.. lets fucking win a FTOPS or something.. we will have to qualify for the same one cause we seem to only do well when we are together..

leftylu said...

Any hand that calls the river bet,even if you muck and don't show, will show up in last hand history at FTP. Only people who were in the hand can see your cards, not observers.

lj said...

yes! ac blogger junket sounds fantastic!

lj said...

ps i vote for w/e of 10/6. jon stewart has a show at caesar's that sat night, could be fun!