Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Who'd of thunk it

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Pretty funny considering one of my live league mates thinks I have a potty mouth for dropping the F-bomb!!! The only "bad" words that came up were drugs, hell and another one. Guess they didnt pick up on LSD, Friggin, beyotches, bastids and for good measure fucktards and fawkers.

I just won a token in an $8.80 18-person SNG in a donkfest by moi that left me last gal standing. I was so card dead I pushed all in from the SB with 79os. The button had raised to $720, I had only a few more chippies and I figured live cards and I was the short stack so what the fawk do I have to lose?. Well the BB went into the tank and made the call of my all-in and pushed all-in himself. Sure enough the button folds. The BB had 88. Holy Mother of Pearl, my goose is cooked Flop comes down with another 8 (set for the BB) and a 6 with a couple of clubs so there are flushes out there but neither of us have clubs but Ive picked up an OESD. And I hit my OESD on either the turn or river which of course mega-tilts the BB.

The BB asks what kind of a play was that? I just type Hee Haw. Now of course I was making a move based on my little bitty stack size and my read that the button was stealing with a big stack. I knew that I was probably going out on that hand If I didnt catch a piece of the board because the button certainly was going to call my all in. Hell he was priced in to do so. I didnt expect the BB to have a legitimate hand. With a raise and an all-in he may have been tempted to just fold those snow-men so he could survive to the tokens and then it would just have been me and the button heads-up. It actually worked out better that he re-shoved and I got lucky because I not only got the Buttons preflop raise I got the BB's too. And really who cares if I look like a fonkette. I got my token for next week's MATH!!!

Now Eggman my live league commish Mike, is railing me, and I'm sure he thinks Ive gone completely nutty (which is good because I want my live league mates to realize I will play any two cards). Remember, I open raised at his home game with 79-suited and showed when everyone folded around to me.

Anyway, Ive successfully spent a ton of money this week without going anywhere. Besides the glasses, I woke up this AM to find a pool of water under my kitchen sink. Now in the old days, I might have gone on life tilt, but these days I just suck it up to being a homeowner. Come on, I take bad beats and suck-outs on a regular basis so whats a little water under the sink? Finding a plumber in the middle of a heat wave is not easy I might add. They are all out doing air-conditioning calls. So I get thru to one, $80 for the service call and of course its my P-Trap or T-trap which has cracked and gotten gunky. So the bill comes to $199. Fawk. I havent even bought a pair of shoes or a new outfit while on vacation.

I did get a nice pedicure (OPI Cranberry Scone replaced One Helluva Color) yesterday and my eyebrows and lip waxed and I get my hair recolored for the first time since May on Saturday. Oh yeah, I have to set aside $60 for my limo trip up to Turning Stone on the 24th of this month. Thats right a bunch of us from APL are heading up there for the day via limo so we dont have to drive and so we can do a turbo in the limo on the way up and back!!! Great idea Lex!!! . I plan to play in the noon tourney and try to satellite into the Empire State Poker Classic. I am targeting the Deep Stack tourney they are running at the end of the Classic as my next "big event". Im sure Ill be doing a little cash game donking there too.

Snake5970 is still having a good run at the MGM. When I talked to him today he was down a buy-in but was battling back. He flopped two pair in a multi-way pot and some old dude had limped Aces and hit a set. Yes, the old dude limped aces into a multi-way pot and got extremely lucky. He's still down for the trip (largely because of those two big buy-in tourneys at the Venetian) but has been profitable in every cash outing that he has been on barring today. MiamiDon has his number so hopefully, the two of them may meet up one of the next three days for some donkery.

Mookie tonite.. Im going to miss Riverchasers tomorrow as Ill be out of town with my dad and his two silver-grey standard poodles (Sky and Scout). We are heading to Westport, CT to visit my one and only sister Suzanne. It's going to be a pool day for the puppies and my sister's Portugese Water Dog (PWD) Beasley.

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