Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Stuck in side of Condo - Rainy 4th of July

Ah yes, a day off and it decides to rain. No pool time. So that means poker time. I had intentions of waking up bright and early and doing a 8AM deep stack on PokerStars. Then I decided no, if its nice I'll sit out and read and relax. Well the weather didn't look promising so I tried a satellite into the 4th of July Barbecue tourney on FTP for $1 & change. Don't ask me why. The buy-in was only $10 for the tourney, well within my price point. I donked out of the 45 person satellite half way and played a SNG finishing #2. Then I went out to the market. By the time I got out of the market it was raining and it was too late for the 1:00 tourney on FTP.

I got home and had a message from Snake5970. So I called him up on his cell and he was out laying by the pool. Laying by the pool, on what probably will be a 115 degree day in Vegas. Its 65 here in NY. Did I mention my color is green? He is still 0-4 in tourneys but played well last nite in the 7 PM Caesar's tourney ($300 buyin). He made it down to the final two tables and insta-shoved over the top of a bigger stacks raise only to run his AK into AA. With the blinds escalating the way they do at Caesars that was the only way to play that hand. No regrets for him as they were only paying the final table in the 7Pmer. He has made up for the no tourney cashes at the cash game tables at the Gold Coast and Caesars. Twelve hours of poker yesterday and he feels good. I told him this is prepping him nicely for the long Main Event days to come.

I had told him about the Wynn tourneys and that they had extended the Deep Stack Extravagaza at the Venetian till July 10th. All the remaining events are limited to 250 players and are $1000 buyins. He may head to the Venetian tomorrow as he plans on heading back to Caesars today. Like me, he likes it there.

So I'm now playing a $2.25 MTT on FTP.. 518 donkeys started at the end of the first hour we were down to 198 and I had over 5k in chips after playing like two hands. I doubled up when my QQ hit a set against AA. I insta-pushed all in against a dude who was raising to like $1000+ with his chip stack at 4000+ every time he had a pair. I had been so card dead I said time to double up or go home. When he flipped the Aces I was like.. Shit I am home. Sometimes its great to be lucky. I doubled up again when some joker tried to bluff my Q9 top pair on flop by overplaying AK. He had no piece of the board and his bets smelled fishy.

I'm pretty card dead and have been all tourney (catching nothing of the board and down to t4065) 137 left blinds at 100/200 still plenty of poker time left. I'm not reading well but against these donkeys its ABC poker right now.

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