Monday, July 09, 2007

Vacation's Rule

Man I can get used to this not working thing. I slept in till 9 AM this morning which is unusual for me. But I spent a nervous day yesterday sweating from 2500 miles away. So, I got up went and paid a bill stopped at the bookstore without buying any new reading material and then came right home. Pool Day today. Gotta work on those tan lines. I spent a couple of hours at the pool reading and chatting it up with my neighbor Joan and her friend Marie (who knows my mother and who I've met before) and another lady from the townhouses across the way. Unfortunately the clouds moved in and it looks like thunderstorms again. Its 90 degrees and high humidity. I love it.

Back at the condo phone message from Snake (as most of you know I am cell phone- less). He's in great spirits today even after his bust-out and this is why. After we talked I suggested he go back to the Gold Coast have a nice dinner, have a couple of beers and then head down to the MGM for some cash game donkery. I knew that tourneys were probably a bad idea considering how his day and week have been going. And I know that hes been rocking and rolling at the ring games. And I know that the MGM is an aquarium. Heck I made my first cash foray there and spewed off $200 bucks with a puss on my face over the course of about 4 hours when I was out there at $1/$2.

So when I get thru to him he's sitting at the MGM fish pond waiting to be dealt in. Last nite he bought in for $200 worked it up to over $700 and gave back a little and cashed out for $600+ and a net profit of $400 for a short evening. Not a bad nites work. Boohyah Snake!!! I of course giggle/squeal: Yeah Baby!! Would I steer you wrong???!! Hopefully he'll have a few more profitable sessions on the remainder of his trip as he's out there till Sunday.

So now its off to Starbucks and to prepare myself for the MATH tonite. The master of the screen shot himself is back from vacation and up with an uber post. I don't have any tokens so I may try to earn one as I have time on my hands. I'm feeling really good and I've been playing well. I have a renewed focus on some of my fundamentals, as well as working on more advanced strategy, which include proper bet sizing to get maximum value out of pots. Ive been extremely successful at the lower limits (a good place to practice any style changes or strategies) I'm taking a lot more chances earlier on with suited connectors, gappers and small pairs and they are paying off big when they hit. Later on in the middle stages I tighten up a bit from those hands. Some of the moves seem donkilicious at times but as we all know this game is a work-in-progress.

Another thing vacation is good for is I'm enjoying catching up on my foodie magazines which Astin would just love. The new Food and Wine is fabulous it talks about eco-friendly farming and chefs who grow there own vegetables and raise their own beef/chickens/pigs etc making their own cheese and ice cream etc.. We all know I love to recycle and this issue of Food and Wine has really made me think long and hard about patronizing local farmers for fresh and organic produce and meat. We are what we eat. Id rather pay a little more to know what I'm putting into me isn't laced with pesticides and the cows aren't force fed corn and grain that is indigestible. Lets put it bluntly: Most chickens are raised in squalid conditions where they aren't allowed to roam free and they shit all over each other and hence have to be pumped up with antibiotics so we dont get sick when we eat them.

I'm off the pulpit for a while. Just remember Think Globally, Act Locally and Love your Mother Earth. (And for a great story about meeting your boyfriends mama for the first time head over to Change100's blog).

Peace All!!

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