Friday, March 16, 2007

Bunny Says it All

So much for returning to play full throttle. I did cash for a measly $1 in a Lady Freerollerz tourney on Cake poker. Of course when I push all in, my KK gets nailed by AQ hitting an ace on the flop (as I predicted) and then to rub salt in the wound and for overkill a bitch came on the river (as predicted). Sham you may be right on my psychic abilities.

So does IG take her $1 and call it a nite? No she donks it up on FTP. I havent played no limit since last weekend and I only played a Razz tourney during the week. Which I actually did really well in and finished 4th of 53 for $12 on no investment. So it does pay to play for the worst hand. Mind you that was only the third time I played Razz and I was chip leader for a good part of the time. The same fonkey who drove me insane last month gets seated at my starting table (because I must have pissed someone off im my prior existence) He pulls his same crap causing a friend to remark...."you are going to raise every hand with crap and chase everything down arent you" and the fucktard said "YES"... He was finally dispatched. I get moved to Shamster's table and take a huge pot down:

IRONGIRL01 wins ($6640.00) with (8,4,3,2,A).

SHAMANALIX:vnh gorgeous

SHAMANALIX:now go away

When we got down to the final table, the blinds got stuck at 800/1600 with a $400 bring in and on and on and on and on and on we went. Since I had to be ray of sunshine on the telephone the next day I decided to put the short stack (I was #2 at the time) to the test with a A23 low starter that of course I got outdrawn on and lost by one card. So now I'm short and I had to bring it in like three times in a row. Finally before the stroke of midnite I pitched in the last of my chips and Sham took them from me.

A Summary of IG's bonks tonite

FTP $8.80 token..... 7th which is the bubble I dont consider the $14 for 6th the bubble

Two $6.50 turbo SNG's- out 5th in one and 7th or 6th in the other.

The biggest pair I saw all nite on Full Tilt was the IG (pocket nines for those bloggers who have been hiding under a rock and my non poker playing readers). I never saw AK once. I did get AQ and AJ a few times and whiffed every flop with them.

But like the little trooper I am, I will soldier on. Tomorrow nite I will take my Omaha 8 skills and wreak havoc on the Poker Analysis buy-in league. Since I dont have a token yet, I may pass on the Ladies Bracelet race tomorrow.

Foxwoods still beckons next weekend. Im getting a hotel room Sunday Nite (Have to think positive that I will last till the next day). I told mama IG that even if I dont make it till Monday, I will still stay over. I can always engage in retail therapy at the West Farm Mall in Hartford and I am sure I can find a Trader Joes and Whole Foods or Wild Oats in my wanderings (we dont have them in the SmAllbany area).

Oh yeah and who is that in 2nd place in Miami Don' Basketball (edited from Football) pool? Sometimes its good to be a SUPERDONKEY. But is that a Canadian in first?

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shamalamadingdongdonk said...

"Football" pool??? How does this woman survive??? (sigh!!!) And yet in her other pool she's tied for first after 2 days. (She better hope it don't end in a tie; while the rest of us picked in the 140's and up for our tiebreaker, Lady Lori picked 70-something. Ma'am, it's total points for the two teams combined. But watch her win the money anyway. She's like that, world!!!) Anyways, g'luck today and this weekend. May see ya at PA Omaha, though I'm mainly concentrating on winning another avatar in their St. Paddy's Day overlay event at the same starting hour. And Sunday I aims t'win the OPT Playboy Mansion trip; who wants to go visit The Grotto? Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! (I'll hush up now before getting into "The Unwearing of the Green" and other warped thoughts...)