Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Say It isnt so?

I searched the Foxwoods website and resort site map hi and lo, but it seems that Foxwoods doesnt have a Starbucks? Oh, the horror. Im going to have to take measures to make sure I get my fix tourney day on Sunday. If I cant have a hot mint mocha I'll bring it with me and even drink it cold. Of course I could invest in a thermos.

My prerequisite for my Vegas hotel is that it has a Starbucks. Treasure Island fit the bill nicely last year. Although the TI Starbucks (which was right near the poker room) didn't take my Starbucks gift card that I saved for my trip, the Starbucks at Fashion Show Mall did and that's pretty much attached to TI.

Then to add to my distress, MSN posts this headline:

World Chocolate Shortage Ahead?

What is a girl to do?

Not a lot of poker action to report. I did do the $6.60 token frenzy on Monday nite on FTP and was out on the first hand. I always hate this situation getting a strong hand on the first deal. I got AKd. Flop comes JJx with two diamonds. So I'm four to a flush and decide with 70 tokens on the line Im throwing caution and sense to the wind and Im going to suck out this flush on these bastards. Here is IG's reasoning:

A. Its a turbo
B. Its only $6.60
C. I want to get any chasing out of my system before Sunday.

I rightfully assume someone has hit trip Jacks. I rightfully assume he has something like JT (not AJ or QJ or KJ). And I am absolutely correct. Post flop it is me and JT all in. Guess what no flush for IG and the bastard hits a ten on the river to boat me. I go out second to last. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Bless me father for I have chased a flush. I promise to repent and say Ten Hail Hoyazo's and Ten Bonus Code Iggy's. Please heavenly father, look with kindness on this fonkette' soul and restore her sanity. So I enter a turbo sng for $6.50 and dang if I dont take that down. I got short early but sucked out a str8 to keep me alive and then went to town. I polished off the #2 and #3 players on one hand.

After the turbo I decide to play the Poker Analysis $10 buy-in game on Pokerstars. I play extremely well until we get down to 8 with 5 paying. I wind up going out 7th. I had lost some chips with Big Slick against 66 when he didnt buy my bluff attempt at representing a better hand. So much for floating a missed flop. My last hand, I decide to raise with K9h for half my stack hoping to blind steal. Flop came all rags and I had one caller who I figured it didnt help him either. I was right. turn another blank. So I fire thinking he has two overs too and I dont think he has an Ace. I'm right he has a tweener to me QJ. Lucky fucktard sucks out a Jack. I played so well all that time only to have my bluff called by another bluff that I should have friggin won. I had absolutely no read on what kind of player the dude who called me was, as I had never played him before. He was a new name to the buy-in league.

All for now. Time to mookie.. Oh great... Iakaris, WillWonka, Bdidde, Kajagugu, Budohorseman and BoneDaddy all at my table.

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