Thursday, March 15, 2007

Proud Member of the SuperDonkeys

I decided to join in Miami Don's Yahoo group for the NCAA Basketball Challenge. I am pleased to report that although I no absolutely nothing about college basketball, I am doing pretty dang good for the early games. Like football, I pick any team playing against Notre Dame. I went against Texas Tech because I hate Bobby Knight. I went against the local underdogs the University of Albany-Great Danes. I had no idea who even won last year but think I picked Florida as a repeater. And I know not why it just felt right!!! I tend to go with Arizona because Luke Walton played there and I love Bill Walton because he loved the Grateful Dead. I have nothing against Catholic schools having been born and raised Catholic. I even got accepted to Boston College years ago, ( therefore, Georgetown and BC IN) but I am suspect of anything over-the-top Christian Evangelical so that means Oral Roberts--OUT...My logic and reasoning my be quirky but it serves me well. I also like Kansas because they are from my home conference the Big 12, and they aren't the Nebraska Cornhuskers which I hate. Plus one of these days they will win the whole enchilada.

I'm also doing one thru Aces Cracked as I want bragging rights over them boyz too. Sham lured me out from my "I want to be alone" phase. This was the first bracket challenge I picked and I know I did in fact pick Texas Tech because I forgot Knight coached there.

I'll have an update on my fast Razz learning curve shortly but Grey's Anatomy and my obsessive bracket filling take precedence. So that means no poker for IG tonite. I'll be back full throttle tomorrow.



shamanalix said...

Welcome back Marlene II; you're always missed. Only 10 1/2 weeks to go (I guess closer to 12 for you?)! Happy St. Patrick's Day; dream green...

cracknaces said...

Stay far far away from RAZZ. It is quite possible the gayest and most frustrating form of poker.