Thursday, March 22, 2007

March Madness and Mookie Mayhem

I cashed in the Mookie last nite finishing 5th. Anytime you can make it to the final table in the Mookie its a good thing. Cashing is even better. Right out of the gate the raises and reraises were flying making it really hard to play small ball and see cheap flops with connectors. So, I played really really tight early on, mostly because I had really crummy cards and the other crazy reason was Bailey was performing stealth attacks on my feet and back. I had to chase him around the house and play a game of catch in between hands. This was my second mookie cash in a row but I hadnt played it in weeks (lets say 1st week of January was the last time I played).

I raised with the hammer (I think it was suited if that counts) and stole, I had a walk and showed my 72os in the BB and I busted out with 72os against AJ. I pulled the Hoy a few times (confounding a newcomer), played a few really really good hands, showed good patience and outlasted all but 4 formidable opponents. BoneDaddy had to be the luckiest mother Ive seen in a long time sucking out left and right. Near the end he asked me "I'snt this where your AK gets sucked out by my AQ?" (he had ousted two already that way). I said "That sounds about right!!" But we never got to dance except the AJ vs the 72os at the end.

I jumped into the Mookie one minute before the chips were set to fly because I decided I needed a good tune-up for Sunday. I certainly got it. At the final table I stated.. "Please if I am too bubble shy of the money let it be tonite and not Monday". My event is scheduled to go for two days. Im ready. I plan or reading Hoys middle pairs articles again and study up on the new Sklansky and Malmuth Saturday nite.

Tonite I had a dilemma... Hoops, Greys Anatomy, and a bunch of little league games for poker. I decided to try for it all. So I was flipping between Grey's Anatomy, Basketball and then running to my office to play hands of Omaha HI for the only league game I decided to play. I soon gave up on trying to keep up with two shows. So I stuck to hoop because with the time outs I could work Poker in. Poker wasnt getting my full attention because my cards were just not working together, so I folded a lot and basically decided to squeek into the points. As soon as Memphis won I pitched my chips and did a little celebration dance. I actually think I was biting my nails which I never do and I had no money on any of the individual games, just the one Bracket challenge for Aces Cracked.

After the first two games.... I'm Perfect!! My Elite 8 and Final 4 picks all are still live. Someone asked me last nite if I was going to win Miami Don's challenge (maybe BoneDaddy84) and I stated I was certainly hoping too. I'm off to a good start for sure.

Guess what I'll be doing Friday and Saturday nite?

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