Sunday, March 18, 2007

No room at the Inn!!

I called Foxwoods today to make reservations for next Sunday nite. My plan is to drive over early Sunday AM from Clifton Park. Travel time should be about 3 hours via the Thruway/Mass Pike etc. Registration doesnt start till 9AM. Tourney begins at 10AM. 5000 starting chips 50 minute blind levels. $300 buy-in. Last year there were 300 women or so. First prize should be a sweet $30k or so. ($260 x 300 @ 40%).

I try to reserve a room online first. I can't get past step 2. So I call Foxwoods reservations center and am told due to the storm there is a long wait. Either book online (no can do or I wouldnt be calling) or call later. I'm in no hurry since I am queen multi-tasker. So while I am on hold I flip thru the Williams Sonoma catalogue I just picked up at the store and wait and wait and wait. Finally Melanie comes on the line and advises there is no room at the Inn, hence the reason no rooms came up as available online. Seems like there is a thing called the World Poker Tour coming to town that week.

Does this send IG on TILT? Nope, IG is going with the flow today. Hakuna Matata and heck I have an SUV. I can always sleep in that if need be or drive over to Mohegan Sun or if I bust out early, take the drive of shame home. But I am thinking positive thoughts and the gambling girl I am says.....Cancellation will come thru. Some fonkey or fonkette will blow their wad at the tables and cancel their reservations making a hasty retreat out of dodge.

Today, I dyed my hair a new color Cinnamon Stick.. Brown with Auburn. It came with highlights which I tried to apply but gave up before I did too much damage. I'll get a professional dye job before Vegas. I went shopping and only bought one item of clothing..... A vintage looking short sleeve ringer t-shirt in a girly style. It's the Grateful Dead American Beauty/Reality Rose. Think it may be my Foxwoods wardrobe.

Anyway I walk into the Dancing Bear Trading Company in Crossgates Mall to the tunes of Widespread Panic. Turns out WP is coming to the Palace the first weekend in April or so. So I ask the youngish hippy chic if this is a download and she says yes. We talk about places to download Dead, DMB, Phish, Mule, WP. STI etc. I'm always amazed at the ease it is to strike up a convo with a fellow Deadhead/Jambander. Ive been a fan for 30 some years now, and even when conversing with kids young enough to be my own, I never feel old. We speak the same language.

My Libra horoscope for March 24th thru March 30th is promising... This from Women's World:

With your luck extra strong on the 25th, take a chance or enter a contest, you could win!!!

That just so happens to be the day of my tourney. I'd like to think Im good but Ill take lucky too.


Evets said...

There is a nice hotel my wife and I have stayed at a couple of times on trips to Foxwoods Called The Cedar Park Inn. It's closer than Mohegan and less expensive than staying on either property. Also remember Astorology just gives you a road map you just dicide how you are going to use it. May the stars favor you in the tourney and in finding a place to stay.

Anonymous said...

Not even a pic of the cinnamon stick do?

I'm expecting a cash next weekend. Can't wait to here about it.

cerberi said...

all the best with your tourney and hope you cash.

pokerpeaker said...

I don't want to burst your multi-tasking bubble, IG, but I don't know if flipping through a catalogue while on the phone really qualifies as "multi-tasking." :)

Do you also call MTing cleaning while you have the radio on?