Saturday, March 24, 2007

Off to Foxwoods and Congrats Hoyazo

Congratulations to the Hammerman aka Hoyazo who took down a $2000 Bracelet race on FTP last nite. You are the second person I know that has now won a package of some sort, the other being Snake5970 who won his Main Event Seat back in December. Looking forward to the recap Hoy! I guess my ten Hail Hoyazo's paid off!! Snake just told me about a week or so ago that Ultimate Bet would not be able to by him in directly (confirming what has been widely reporting) and deposited 10k into his UB account. I assume the other $2-$2.5k for expenses will be paid out providing Snake actually does play in the Main Event.

I've still been playing very little online and I havent played live in two weeks. Online Ive played the occasional Turbo SNG, I did play the Mookie this week but forgot about Riverchasers. I played the MuffMoney league game today. I've been focussing on quality not quantity and after 2 1/2 years of almost daily play a little break is probably good.

Instead, Ive been reading a good bit and not all poker. I spent some time catching up on the Tao of Pauly and Truckin. I was impressed by the quality of the short stories on Truckin as usual and maybe one of these days I'll give one a go. Catching up on the Tao of Pauly, made me realize just how much I love music and the fond memories I have of my years following around the Grateful Dead and MaxCreek shows at Bucksteep Manor, Lupo's and the Living Room. So that meant one thing, I had to email the link to Pauly's site to Rob in California as my contribution to the decline of workplace productivity. Rob, emailed me back stating he didnt need another reason to goof off at work but that the Good Doctor's site seemed like a pretty cool one to check out (I'm sure the mention of Pauly's Amsterdam posts caught Rob's fancy). He and Toni typically hit up the High Sierra Music Festival or Telluride Blues Festival now that they have the camper. Toni has worked Burning Man in the past God Bless her. After all my years of camping in Cold, Rain, Snow and being flooded out of my tent during the onset of a Hurricane at the Falmouth Road Race back in 1994 my idea of camping is a Holiday Inn Express. Give me the Mirage, Bellagio, Caesar's Palace anytime.

So I then got the IPOD up and running. The first thing I burned was DMB: the Best of What's Around Vol I the live tracks, followed by a little Hip Hop: Usher's Yeah Yeah Yeah and the Black Eyed Peas: Where is the Love and then Coldplay's Clocks my first purchases thru ITunes. I then went in pursuit of various jam bands and found this cool site thru MaxCreek's website:

There are over 38,222 concerts on onboard. Unfortunately, Phish and WideSpread Panic have declined to participate in the archival project and DMB asked that their files be removed. The Dead are participating to the extent that you can download shows from tapers but the bands own soundboard stuff is only available in streaming format. Havent quite figured out what all this means just yet.

Now I have to figure out how I get a MaxCreek download in MP3 zip format into Itunes and onto the IPod. I think I have to convert something somehow. I havent had time to get it all quite figured out yet. Once I master this there will be no stopping me. I think I am capable of filling up a couple IPODs. Im looking forward to the release of the Iphone..... Another techie toy!!! Now if they could build online poker into it it would be the ultimate perfect device.

I was a perfect 8 for 8 on my elite 8 picks. However, A little chink in IG's Final 4 basketball picks. Ohio State actually played like the #1 seed they are and defeated her pick of #2 Memphis who I had going to the title game. UCLA, my pick for National Champs is up right now over Kansas but its getting tight with 9 minutes left. My concentration tomorrow will be on poker not basketball.

Finally, I'm as ready as I ever will be for Foxwoods, I have to hit the ATM for spending money tomorrow AM as I'm using my live roll (which is in a drawer) for my buyin. I didnt take the time to go to the ATM today when I was out and about. My mom thinks I should be spending those winnings on new blinds for my bedroom. If all goes well I wont blow it all on the buy-in and I'll be coming home with more money then I went with. It decided to start to rain here about 4 PM. Hopefully this isnt the precursor to last years 40 days and 40 nites of rain being played out again. That's enough to make IG very very irritable.


Anonymous said...

Good luck in Foxwoods, IG!!! Be you, and enjoy! Look forward to all the exciting memories and recaps...

Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Good luck to you, irongirl! I, too, look forward to reading about how you do.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Thanks for the shoutout, IG!!

And I'm coming to get you in Miami Don's pool. I think if Georgetown wins, me and Ski might tie for the win. That UNC-Georgetown game on Sunday afternoon was just about the coolest game I've ever been to live in my entire life. So glad I went there to see it all in person. What a comeback!