Tuesday, March 06, 2007

No Poker Content Here..Well maybe a Little

NOPE - NADA.. Dont even feel like playing online. I think part of it has to do with the fact that I sit in the same room for work now that I play online in. Who really wants to turn around after 9 hours of work and spend/waste time at a desk two feet away from their work desk and computer?

I did play online this past weekend. Two runnerup finishes Friday, A win Saturday and I co-lead my PWH Suited Quads team to victory with a Final table appearance in the TFCL Superbowl of poker. Only thing is it didnt add much to my online bankroll. In fact I wasted/spent/donked off a token on Full Tilt in the first ladies bracelet race. Card dead for the most part and when I reraised out of the BB allin with JJ I get a call from a big stack with AK, this got QQ on the button to lay down. Of course I got rivered with a K and I GO OUT... Katitude lasted the longest over me and Mrs Cracknaces (cracknKK).

I did get to play with my no limit ring game coach Michael which is always a pleasure. He has been tearing up the B&M rooms down south where he lives after making the move from online. He has also written an awesome series of articles which are posted over on the PWH forum. Originally designed to be geared for NLRG play online the UIGEA of October forced him to scrap his original manuscript and do a complete rewrite. I look forward to that coming magnum opus.

Now here is an interesting kicker. Michael has told us EPC'ers that the well-known pro who taught him how to play NLRG has almost agreed to play against us EPC'ers. He will play under Michael's account against us providing its a buy-in and there are more then 15 of us. And Michael has prop betted "PRO" that one of us will take him out and he wont win. I have my theories of who this well known pro may be but am probably well off base.

So tonight I am going to amuse myself with TV which I have been watching a bit more of. I have the following choices:

1) The Dirt - With Courtney Cox.. Haven't watched it at all. Next week is supposed to have Jennifer Aniston guest appearing. There is supposed to be a kiss between them. Figured I'd get you guys into girl-on-girl at the ready with your TIVO for that one.

2). The Search for the Next PussyCat Doll... .MEOW PURR HISS- Lil Kim is a Judge/Mark McGrath hosts...If only I were 25 years younger, a little taller and in shape. I was skinny enough back then and limber enough. However, Downward Facing Dog has been known to send my lower back into spasm. Imagine what all that dancing might do me? And lets not even go into Vocals. I'll just suck it up and be satisfied knowing that my 38C boobs are not made of silicone.

3). American Idol---They are still whittling down to the final ten/twelve or so. I dont think Im patient enough to sit thru 45 seconds of vocals and then all the aimless chat.

4). House-- Never watched it but this is interesting: Dave Matthews--Yup folks the Dave Matthews of Jam Band fame is making his acting Debut (I dont consider music videos acting).. Hopefully he will utter something more then "Food is Good" as he did at one FarmAid. He's playing a brain damaged piano savant who comes down with some kind of painful condition during a piano concert that worsens. Definite Potential Watch Alert... A real talent over American Idol wannabees

5)Reruns of Charmed.. Yup its campy and cheesy and Im waaaaaaaaaaay behind on episodes...I love my Charmed Ones. I liked it better when Cole was on the show as a Demon but I can catch Julian Mcmahon over on Nip/Tuck.

Mike of Adirondack Poker League just announced a mini Spring/Summer Series..$60 monthly buyin $40 to the tourney prize poo1/$20 to the season ending one or you can direct buyin to the final for $200. I'll make a couple of them I'm sure. Direct buy-in always an option available if tourney nites conflict with Vegas etc.

And lest I forget..... are we T3M (time three months...tick tick Beep Beep ala 24) to BLAGGHER gathering? If memory serves me right its scheduled for June 6th thru the 10th. I can hardly wait.

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lightning36 said...

Thank goodness I can always catch an episode or two of MASH each night if I am in a bad mood ...