Monday, March 12, 2007

Nice Girls Finish........Out of the Money

Live tourney Saturday for the Albany Poker League brought my live tourney cashes to a halt at 5-0.. Busted about two hours in when I raised 5x the BB to $2500 (blinds $250/$500) with TT.. Got one caller from the host and bigger stack from my immediate left. Flop came all random babies with no flush or str8 possible.. I fired All-in hoping he'd think I hit my set and figuring there were only a few hands that could beat me preflop... Into the tank he went and after some time he called. I was not happy to see QQ....And IGH.. Rather then stick around for tourney two at 4 Pm I drove the short mile or two home and Opted to use my last token on FTP for a Ladies Bracelet attempt.

The Albany tourney had Fonkish play at my first table. Two members from the old geezers league (which I have played at only once since it conflicts with work and they start early) were at my table and one of the members who I know will chase any flush donated lots of chips to me when he called my AK raise with K4 and called me all the way to the Rivah.................The other woman from the geezer league plays any paint. The two dudes at my end of the table who were agro and solid were like "Jeesh they play anything!!!". I smiled and said "Yup....that's why Im staying away and licking my chops for a spot to make my play against them". All in all the play was not as good/solid as when the young dude from the league hosted who lived around the corner from me.. I liked it better when it was all young guys except for me and one other chick. Thats poker the way I like it... Gene and Jim who played the deep stack tourney with me were there too at the Rock table. Jim was lucky and sucked out with flushes about twice to keep himself alive. Gene congratulated me on my Deep Stack finish but said he thought I was going to take it down based on the way I was playing and the momentum I had. That was nice to hear.

In the Ladies Bracelet race I got off to a much better start then the first attempt. I actually was winning some hands. Then of course the hand that tells you that this is going to be a very short day and Im not going to make the break.... I raise with AK and get one caller. I know she is a weak ace player. The board hits the A and two babies... I bet the pot and she calls. Turn we are allin. I figured if she had hit two pair she would have reraised. But I forget Im not playing aggressive guys like Fuel55 or Lucko21 or Smokkee. Im playing girly poker.... AK me against A8.. flop was A34 ... Turn another A.. Im leading thinking yeah me.... river fucking 3.. SPlit pot..... Story of my life.... I knew it then, like I no the sun rises in the east and sets in the west that I would then be outdrawn, and my dominating hands would lose..... And that is what happens....

I raise again with AK and a shortie pushes all-in. Its like another $700 or so. It will leave me short but I figure gotta play this turbo style and either chip up or chip down.. Theres only one prize 1st...(tell me if my logic is flawed about playing this way..)Im sitting out side the top ten chip stack wise. She flips 66 so Ive got two overs. Flop comes K oh yeah 6 for the set and I am now shortie (and part of me didnt care) Then shortly after I push all-in with AJ from the SB called by the BB who sat on her chips like Smaug the dragon and she has KJ... Of course the J is just a teaser for IG... The friggin K has to come....

And the rest of the weekend was the same old same old... Good hands running into slightly better hands. Ak getting squashed by AJ and AQ or rag aces... Fortunately I didnt have a lot at risk money wise. The $26token had been earned weeks ago from an $8.80 investment, $25 out for the live league buyin... I final tabled and cashed in the Muffmoney Freeroll which covered the Muffmoney buyin I did.. I won some money in a FTP Turbo (finished 3rd after coming back from nada 5 way to take the lead only to get outdrawn)which was then blown on Vegas 24/7 in my EPC buyins when I played like a complete moron both Saturday nite and Sunday. I won one of the games last week. Whats the saying... The first shall be last and the last shall be first?

Some password troll hit me up on FTP looking for the bloggerpods password. I was like do I know you? when I got to his Omaha Table he was sitting at... His handle was kind of like a Poker Analysis League members name so I thought it was Patrick. Nope he wanted to trade passwords. I told him "No can do the dude running the tourney is a friend (a friend Ive never met:) and I dont leak passwords". OMFG

So at about 8:30 PM I turn off the computer and say no poker for me tonite tomorrow nite and maybe the next nite.....I decide to watch IRON CHEF AMERICA which I really really like.. I hated the other Iron Chef because they made weird stuff. I have some culinary training and my sister is a trained Chef but the Japanese version was just unappetizing. Instead I watch Bobby Flay go head to head with another NYC chef on Breakfast Cooking a whole meal!!. Now Bobby Flay may be a pompous ass at times. But based on what he whippped up he can serve me that in bed anytime: A Filet Mignon, cooked perfectly rare sliced into two pieces with a fried egg in middle.... YUMMO.... Pumpkin French toast with berries. UMMMMMMMMMMMM....And the other dude made some nice things too. Flay's were just a little bit better. Then I watched the World pastry competition and saw a whole lot of sugar displays come crashing down. Yikes...

And to get some exercise I put on Usher's Yeah Yeah Yeah and busted a few moves, that was after I ate a triple layer mousse thingee I got at the Vanilla Bean Bakery.

Tomorrow nite the Search for the Next PussyCat Doll week #2. I still think it is weird that Mark McGrath of SugarRay is not only a talk show host but is hosting this.. Ryan SeaCrest he is not. I have to laugh at the totally gay Co-Choreographer stating.... "I cant have girls Fainting" Thats the dance version of there being no crying in Baseball.

Monster Pots and Good Kardma my friends

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CarmenSinCity said...

I NEED to watch the pussycat doll thing. I keep forgetting to DVR it. It's totally the kind of show I would love. I'm sure of it.